I find that it is easy to clean, it comes with all the accessories and still has room to add others. Lots of dolls can fit in the rooms. It folds up nicely. Young kids may need help opening it because it as a tab to lock it when closed. It has a working doorbell and has the princess voices when you push a button. The elevator spins a doll when it rises. The elevator has a leg stand so you don't have to hold the doll. Just make sure the doll is well balanced on it. One of the rooms has a fold out bed that when folded up turns into a vanity. There is a claw foot tub and a another bedroom. There is balcony in the front of the castle but I think it's just for show. It also comes with a tea set and tale and chairs, a couch and a table stand, and a lamp. There is a window seat lounge and also a clock that chimes when you push the button on the face.

My daughter enjoys this castle and may be her favourite toy to play with.

The assembly isn't too bad. You just need to attach some extra features (no tools required), and stick on some stickers.