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Safety 1st Colour Digital Video Monitor Review

Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent

reviewed this item on June 26th 2008
I have just found this really great baby monitor called the Safety 1st Colour digital video monitor. As it is a video monitor it is perfect because I can see my baby while she sleeps and if she crys I can tell if I need to go into her room and comfort her. It's got a great picture and is so easy to use. I can pan around the room and zoom in on her little face, which I have to admit I love doing this as she is so peaceful when she is asleep.
The parent unit is really slim and comes with a belt hook so it's easy to carry around and my husband can actually fit it in his pocket. The best bit is that it has a longer life than the old type as I can use it until she's alot older so I will know if she has sneaked out of bed and when she is playing in her room.
I thinks its really cool and good value for money

User reviews

My Rating: Excellent
Grace Grace
reviewed on February 2nd 2016
9 out of 9 people found this user review helpful
When I went online looking for a baby monitor I did a ton of research into what kind of monitor I wanted to buy, what company to buy it from and so much more. I finally decided to go with a digital video monitor rather than just the audio monitor because I wanted to be able to see my baby at all times and make sure she was safe. Then I found out I could get a colour video monitor and I was sold instantly; especially when I found one from Safety 1st with such great reviews. It hooked up easily and works amazingly well; I can’t believe the quality of the video on this monitor. I can see her just like she’s in front of me, and it really gives me peace of mind. I do wish the audio on it was a bit clearer, but it works great and I can see my baby any time.

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