The V-Tech Fly n'Learn Globe allows your child to explore different parts of the world. Mostly continents and a few countries, there are traditional music samples and sounds, flight adventure games, quizes and a Find Our Friends game. There is a joystick built in to control a plane with an attached magnifying glass to move up and down and the globe spins for you to move across the globe. There is free play to wonder around and listen to tthe names of continents, countries, famous landmarks and the names of peoples. It has an easy on/off button.
I find the joystick is a little hard to accuratly move the plane to specific areas and you have to be on just the right spot for the plane to read the site. I think there should be more countries added but it is a great intro for a toddler. My daughter plays with this every once in a while but it's a big hit with her friends. This globe is good for kids 3 and up.