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Tesco's Own Brand Nappies Review

Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent

reviewed this item on June 4th 2007

I switched over to Tesco's nappies are vowing never to use any other nappies but a certain leading brand! After seeing that Tesco's nappies were over £1.70 a pack LESS for 10 MORE nappies I thought I'd try them and have got to say they are great! they kept my son really dry and fitted him a lot better than the leading brand. They are also a lot softer I found and not as "plastic feeling" as other brands. I also decided to switch to Tesco's own brand nappies after hearing a lot of people recommend them and have to say it's the best switch I have done for my son. The nappies also have no smell themselves before being put on which the leading brand of nappy does - this can sometimes make you think that your child has soiled the nappy when they haven't.

User reviews

My Rating: Excellent
beckyrigby beckyrigby
reviewed on June 4th 2007
2 out of 2 people found this user review helpful
I have found that Tesco Nappies are just as good as Pampers. From working in a nursery to having my own children I have found them to be just as effective, fit right, absorbent and much cheaper. They are good to use when baby is new born as the baby on has them on for a little while anyway so going through so many doesn't seem so bad when they are cheaper and you can use them until baby in toddler age as they are still as absorbent, fit perfectly and still look great.

My Rating: Excellent
gemma gemma
reviewed on August 7th 2007
1 out of 1 people found this user review helpful
Completely agree. Tesco nappies here too :)

My Rating: Excellent
Lihra Lihra
reviewed on May 21st 2008
1 out of 1 people found this user review helpful
They are great and the newborn ones have a tear out on the top of the rim for the umbilical cord so it still gets air to dry out

My Rating: Excellent
cecilia31 cecilia31
reviewed on March 26th 2007
this are even better than huggies and pampers, they are cheaper and good quality.

My Rating: Excellent
redpanda redpanda
reviewed on July 4th 2007
i use tescos own nappies on my son hes 5 and has mild aurtism so he still cant get his toileting under control so we use tescos own brand and they really good on his skin no nappie rashes anymore

My Rating: Excellent
cole cole
reviewed on August 9th 2007
I tried them after reading this review and have now converted.

My Rating: Excellent
hayley81 hayley81
reviewed on September 4th 2007
always used them on my son they were better than all the leading brands, i will also use them again when this little 1 is born

My Rating: Excellent
kerryann71 kerryann71
reviewed on December 5th 2007
i use these nappys for my two youngest and they are excellent .. 50 pack of junior sized for 6.97 .. great !!! we have been using these nappys for years now , no problems at all , and they fit really well ..

My Rating: Excellent
Lihra Lihra
reviewed on May 17th 2008
I use them to and have for the last two years they are great and my 2yr old will choice them over any other.

My Rating: Excellent
etroytw etroytw
reviewed on August 19th 2008
I agree, Tesco Nappies are very good. I always stuck to proper brands when they were younger but its the cost, Tesco nappies are a lot cheaper, i also use Asda nappies occasionaly if we do the shopping there. Both are very good, infact with my daughter they seem to last longer then the higher brands.

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