Wimpole Hall is situated to the south-west of Cambridge and is run by the National Trust. I took my children there yesterday so we could take part in the Easter crafts and was surprised at how vast the estate is. It is split into 3 parts: hall, garden and home farm. You have to pay to get into each individual park but you can get a joint ticket for all 3 parts. It cost me £4.40 per child and £6.60 per adult to get into the farm and gardens. At the farm there were cows, pigs, chickens, horses, sheep and goats; all of which had either recently or about to give birth. The hall holds special days for lambing, has a daily events programme and adventure playground and a smaller play area for the younger members of your family. You can eat quite reasonably in the cafe on site. A kiddies lunch box cost £3.50 and consisted of a carton drink (not the cheap kind), piece of fruit, roll which you could add cheese spread or jam, crackers and a packet of raisins so it was not all full of junk food. We also watched a puppet show which was also included in the price and took part in Easter crafts, for which you had to pay a small charge for i.e £1 to make a hand puppet, £1 to make an Easter card etc. My children and I thoroughly enjoyed this day out and we could have stayed longer but time ran out!