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Avent Express Bottle Warmer Review

Item InformationThe fast, safe way to warm expressed breast milk, milk formula, milk beverages and baby food, the Express Bottle & Babyfood Warmer warms AVENT bottles or cups in around 4 minutes.
Overall rating: Poor
Features: Terrible!
Value for money: Poor

reviewed this item on March 28th 2007
The bottle warmer claimed to not overheat the bottle or food you put in it, so when my baby's milk was always too hot I gave up with it! It was said to be very quick and safe but it was slower than boiling the kettle so I would suggest just use the kettle and a jug!!

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My Rating: Poor
angelsmom angelsmom
commented on November 30th 2007
I found it took alot longer than boiling the kettle, and so was only used upstairs during the night.

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