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Fisher Price Little People Train Set Review

Lil' Movers Motorised Train makes playtime fun with dual action train play. Press on driver's seat to activate battery powered train movement with surprise direction at every turn, or direct the movement of the train with easy action train guides. Watch the wiggly-wobbly action of the conductor as he rolls along.

There are 4 stops along the tracks (Train Station, House, Garage and Farm) each complete with fun sounds and playset play.

Depot: has train sound effects and includes a snack bar with eating area, flower shop with removable flower basket and ticket counter where you check your luggage
House: this stop has bird chirping sound effects; tree swing compete with nest of birds
City: traffic sound effects; changing traffic signal and petrol area to fuel the engine
Farm: rooster and crow sound effects; spinning windmill and vegetable stand.
Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent

reviewed this item on April 17th 2007
I bought this product for my son when he was 2 years old, he loves, plays and enjoys every aspect of the toy. It encourages imaginary play, sharing (with his sister , who also loves it!!) and is excellent value for money. it is strong and will last for years, I think I love the fisher price little people almost as much as my kids!!!!
I would highly recommend this toy range to every mum.

User reviews

My Rating: Excellent
Grace Grace
reviewed on February 2nd 2016
My son loves everything Little People, and has recently become obsessed with trains, so when I learned that Fisher Price made a Little People Train Set I knew I had to get it for his birthday. This toy is seriously so cute! It’s got the Little People that he loves, and they get to really ride in a train that moves! He loves that the conductor wobbles around as the train moves, and has a blast at all the stops taking people on and off the train. Of course he loves all the fun sound effects; I am less fond of the constant noise he’s been making since he started playing it, but as long as he’s having fun I can handle the noise. The accessories are so cute, and he plays with it every day since he got it so I know he really loves it; we've definitely already gotten more than our money’s worth for sure!

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