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Huggies DryNites Review

Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Not Rated
Value for money: Poor

reviewed this item on March 31st 2007
Unfortunately, my son happens to be a little slower than some others in becoming dry at night,as he is now five and a half he has outgrown the usual pullup pants which are commonly used to bridge the gap between nappies and the child being dry and in cotton pants. This has lead us to having to purchase the Huggies DryNites. We have found these excellent, in maintaining our son's self esteem, and he appears to find them comfortable, they also are very absorbent and seem to hold the urine away from his skin preventing him from getting a sore bottom and are really saving our mattress. The only thing that does not go in Huggies favour on this product is the price. We buy ours from the local supermarket at £5.99 for a pack of ten. We do not have well paid jobs and money is short so we find these items expensive to buy and they are something we really can not do without.Albeit a bit harsh on the pocket,I do recommend these to any person who is having problems with their children being wet at night and need an idea on how to keep them stress free and with high self esteem.

User reviews

My Rating: Excellent
sparkle sparkle
reviewed on May 1st 2007
I agree great product,shame about the price. my little girl aged4,uses pullups and drynites due to bladder and bowel problems and it's costing a fortune.

My Rating: Good
realmom66 realmom66
reviewed on October 17th 2008
I have two younger kids, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 7. They both have had problems with bedwetting. I bought them the Drynites to help deal with their problem. I must say that these nappies have worked perfectly. However, I would stay away from the boxer style. According to my kids, it is very uncomfortable and it leaks. It is also very expensive. So we will stick with the briefs style. These are a good buy and they look just like the briefs that my children wear as everyday underwear.

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