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Huggies Pure Nappy Wipes Review

Overall rating: Poor
Features: Poor
Value for money: Terrible!

reviewed this item on March 27th 2007
I have used all the brands of Huggies nappy wipes and I really like them. But when I used these I ended up throwing them away because they feel very thick, rough, and fall or rip apart easily. I really would prefer to use toilet roll which I wouldn't do to a baby but it would be softer than the Huggies pure. Don't waste your money guys or you will feel let down

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My Rating: Excellent
hipmomma hipmomma
reviewed on April 5th 2007
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in contrast, i used these from newborn to six months on my youngest, and found them far better than the normal wipes i had been using before on my first child. everyone likes something different i guess!!

My Rating: Poor
ellee1984 ellee1984
reviewed on April 4th 2007
I normally use another brand of wipes but the shop didnt have any and I was almost out of wipes so I bought some huggies pure wipes and my daughter was okay with them to begin with but in the last few days she has a really bad nappy rash so bad that its red raw in places and bleeds and stings when I clean her and put cream on her which causes her to scream. She is teething so has had mild nappy rash for the last few months which creams have cleared up. I have used all my creams and none have cleared it up and now had to get a prescription cream. The only thing I can put it down to is the change in the wipes. has anyone else found the same when using them?

My Rating: Poor
chez chez
reviewed on April 4th 2007
yes i had the same problem when i used them on my 2 children my eldest has never suffered from rashes even when she was theething but she did when i used huggies pure. i also found they was very thick, rough and fell apart but my children have always been fine on the normal huggies wipes.

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