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Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Swing Review

Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Good
Value for money: Good

reviewed this item on March 26th 2007
I thought this product deserves a review as it is fantastic! I bought this product a month before my son was born, he is now only four months old himself, and I made sure I got to grips with it before he arrived. As soon as it was put together, which was surprisingly easy, I was mesmerised. I only wish they made one for grown ups! The swinging action seemed incredibly soothing, although I must admit that when put on its fastest speed it does seem a bit daunting, but when baby is in it he slows it down alot. The lovely bright colours are shapes seem to occupy him for what seems like hours, which is handy for when I need to catch up on some housework! And the sounds are actually quite impressive as alot of products of this type that I have come across seem to skimp on actually adding decent sounds and lights to their product. All I can say is that I love it, he loves it and the price, although seemingly quite high at first is well justifiable. 10/10 from me.

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My Rating: Excellent
Grace Grace
reviewed on February 2nd 2016
I received this swing for my baby shower a few months before my daughter was born and I absolutely fell in love with it! It actually inspired me to really go with the under the sea theme for her room, and it looks better than I ever thought it could. When my daughter was born, we put her in her swing the second day we were home and she went from screaming her head off to completely silent as soon as the swing started moving. She absolutely loved it! She wanted to nap in it at least once almost every day for months and she only stopped using it when she was too big to sit in it safely any more. The one complaint I would have is that I wish the battery lasted longer, but it’s totally worth it to see my baby happy.

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