If you're going through the rough waters of separation, it's all to easy for ex-partners to use children as a weapon. Even when couples break up on friendly terms, it's difficult to understand your rights and the law regarding custody and family law.

Michael Robinson, author of The Custody Minefield, has produced a book which clearly and practically provides information on family law and parents rights following a divorce or separation. What's refreshing is that the advice and accurate information is given in plain English, without becoming emotional and is gender neutral.

Areas covered include:

  • Mediation
  • Minimising costs of gaining parental responsibility
  • Choosing Legal Representation
  • Advice and tips on going to court
  • How to deal with situations such as violence, sexual abuse, mental health issues and abduction
  • Handy legal glossary explaining terms

If you're going through divorce or separation and there are children involved, The Custody Minefield is an indispensable guide to getting though the trauma of custody and coming out the other side as intact as possible. Highly recommended.