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Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel Review

Item InformationFor hygienically clean hands wherever you go. In a handy travel size bottle, the pleasantly scented hand gel has been clinically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses – and with no need for water. A simple ‘hygienic cleanse’ with Milton Hand Gel will disinfect hands, and kill harmful bacteria, thereby ensuring ultimate protection
Overall rating: Excellent
Features: Not Rated
Value for money: Excellent

reviewed this item on February 21st 2007
Milton antibacterial hand gel is great to keep in your bag while you are out. Its a soap to wash your hands without the use of water. So where ever you are, you can clean yours and your little ones hands. Before you eat, if little one has been playing etc, and after changing nappies.

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My Rating: Excellent
glowingsun glowingsun
commented on October 8th 2008
I find it is too harsh and drying on my skin.

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