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Baby Gender Predictor

Your age at conception

Your month of conception

Predict the sex of your baby

The Chinese baby gender predictor chart was discovered in a royal tomb in China more than 700 years ago, the original of which is now kept in the Institute of Science in Beijing. We've turned this ancient calendar into an interactive tool to guess the gender of your unborn baby.

Although many believe the chances of the Chinese gender chart predicting the sex of your baby are completely random, there have been surveys in Chinese hospitals where the accuracy rate is around 70%!

See if this chart correctly guesses the sex of your baby - or if you already have children then see if the prediction was right.

Does it work if I'm 16 or 17 years old?

Yes! We've updated our gender predictor to work for expectant mothers who are 16 or older.

How do I work out my month of conception?

If you're not sure exactly when you conceived your baby, you can calculate it using our pregnancy due date calculator. Alternatively, it's possible to estimate it - simply add 14 days to the end of your last menstrual period.

How do I calculate my lunar age?

The original Chinese gender chart uses your Chinese lunar age - to find your lunar age you usually add on 2 years to your actual age. Our predictor calculates this for you automatically, so just put in your actual age at the time you conceived.

Please note: this tool is just for fun, and the chances of correctly predicting a baby boy or a baby girl are likely random chance. If you're keen to find out the actual gender of your baby, you can ask at your 18-21 week ultrasound scan if it's possible to get a more accurate answer. JustParents doesn't support gender discrimination, and would advise against using this tool to try to time conception to produce a boy or girl.