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Pregnancy Week 35

Fetal Development at week 35

Your Baby

Right now, your baby weighs at least 4½ pounds (2,100 g) and measures almost 12 inches (300 mm) crown to rump.

By this time, your baby’s skin looks pink and smooth because underlying deposits of fat have masked some of the redness of the capillaries. Babies who will have darker skin later may have a pinkish cast now because their skin itself is still unpigmented.

Your baby’s arms and legs are looking fuller and more rounded as more fat is deposited under the surface of the skin. Fat deposits increase from about 2 percent at midpregnancy to 12–15 percent at term. In a week or so, the subcutaneous fat will make up about 8 percent of your baby’s body weight.


Your practitioner will probably want to see you once a week until you go into labor.

The baby might 'drop' (settle down into your pelvis) before labor begins, but not all babies drop prior to the onset of labor. If the baby drops (this is also called settling or lightening), you will begin to notice a decrease in lap space when seated, a sudden ease of breathing, more stomach capacity (since the load has shifted down), more pelvic pressure, and more frequent urination, maybe even slight incontinence (difficulty holding your urine).

At each prenatal visit, your midwife will check to see if the baby has dropped into your pelvis.