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Pregnancy Week 32

Fetal Development at week 32

Your Baby

At this point your baby can register information from all five of its senses. While your baby’s senses may be prepared to process information, certain senses have limited opportunities to operate. Since the baby doesn’t breathe air inside your uterus, the sense of smell is on hold until after birth.

The hair on your baby’s head is growing longer. Depending on the genetic tendencies in your family and that of the baby’s father, your baby will either be born with a full head of hair or a very sparse hair pattern on its scalp. Both are completely normal.


This month you may notice some increased shortness of breath. As the baby gets bigger and crowds more and more into your lungs, it’s going to take more effort for you to breathe deeply. Shortness of breath does not mean oxygen deprivation for you or the baby.

As the baby’s arrival approaches, your body is going to spend more and more time practicing for the birth. Specifically, the muscles of your uterus will practice contracting and relaxing.

If you have any concerns about the contractions you may be experiencing - or you think you might actually be going into labor - give your practitioner a call. Don’t go to the hospital or the emergency room. Ask your practitioner’s advice first.