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Pregnancy Week 28

Fetal Development at week 28

Your Baby

Your baby’s muscle tone is gradually improving. Its hands can grip with some strength now.

Your baby’s eyelids unfuse and open partially. By the end of this week, your baby’s eyes will be completely formed.

The baby’s sucking and swallowing skills are continually being practiced and improved

When week 28 comes to a close, your baby will measure almost 10 inches (254 mm) in length and weigh nearly a kilogram. In just two weeks, your baby has gained 170g and has grown 3⁄4 inch (20mm).


As your growing baby becomes more and more active, you may notice that your sleep is sometimes interrupted by its restlessness.

From time to time, you might experience some pelvic pain as your uterus grows and stretches the ligaments. Most often, the pain is felt in the groin area and the insides of your thighs, especially after you walk or exercise. Resting should bring you some relief.

You may have more swelling (edema) in your hands and feet now.

Tips to reduce swelling

  • Avoid standing
  • Rest with your legs elevated
  • Avoid very salty foods

Your uterus continues to push on your bladder, reducing its capacity. During pregnancy, the tubes that lead from the kidneys to the bladder lack tone and are more readily dilated, kinked, and compressed. Thus, even with a smaller capacity, the bladder can’t be emptied as efficiently.