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Pregnancy Week 25

Fetal Development at week 25

Your Baby

The smallest blood vessels of the body - the capillaries - are beginning to develop under the baby’s skin. As blood fills these new vessels, they give your baby’s skin a red or pinkish appearance, because the blood in the capillaries is visible.

Your baby continues to perform reflex movements that will be essential to his or her survival after birth. Lips and mouth are sensitive, and if the baby’s hand floats near its mouth, it may suck its thumb or fingers. The startle reflex is also present. By this time, you may have felt your baby 'jump' when they hear a loud noise.

The baby’s nostrils (which until now have been plugged) begin to open.

During this month, the buds for your baby’s permanent teeth will come in, high in the gums behind the baby teeth. The baby’s spine will be made up of 33 rings, 150 joints, and 1,000 ligaments, all of which are used to support the body’s weight. All of those structures will begin to form during this month.


Even though you are probably eating well, you may still experience periodic indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and intestinal gas. These problems can be expected as your muscles relax under the influence of the pregnancy hormones. Continue to eat things that are easy to digest.

Mild swelling in your ankles and feet is common and expected. Contact your doctor or midwife if you have severe swelling. Elevate your legs whenever possible.