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5 fun baby shower game ideas

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5 fun baby shower game ideas

The day of the baby shower is almost here, and you still haven't come up with any ideas to keep your guests entertained. Unless you plan on boring them senseless with old slides and photos, you'd better come up with something fast. No worries. These five baby shower games will get you off to a good start!

Dirty Nappy Examination

This baby shower game sounds worse than it is. The "dirt" in the nappy is actually chocolate. To play this game, gather several different kinds of chocolate bars, melt them in the microwave and spread the melted chocolate on disposable nappies (diapers for our readers Stateside!). Pass the loaded nappies around for everyone to look at. Let each guest try to guess what kind of chocolate bar is in each nappy. Have the participants write their answers down on a piece of paper. The person who gets the highest number of correct answers takes the prize.

Cutest Little Baby Face

Take a close up colour photo of the mum-to-be and her significant other. Enlarge the pictures and then cut out the facial features. Draw a large outline of a baby face on a piece of card. Leave the outline blank. Let the guests arrange the parents' facial features on the baby face outline to see what their offspring will look like. This game is a bit time consuming to set up, but it is well worth the laughs your party guests will get out of it.

Baby Bump Twister

Dust off the old Twister game and set it up. Provide each baby shower guest with a pillow and a bum bag (or reversed rucksack) stuffed with soft wrist weights. Have the shower guests strap the pillows and weighted bags around their waists to create fake baby bumps. Let the participants test their stamina and flexibility by trying to play Twister with their new bellies. While the mum-to-be won't be able to take part, she can judge the event and laugh herself into hysteria.

Bobbing for Nipples

This is a fun variation of the game bobbing for apples. Fill a basin with water and toss in several baby bottle nipples. Blindfold each participant, one by one, and let them use their mouths to remove the nipples from the water. The person who retrieves the most nipples in the allotted amount of time wins the game.

Pin the Nappy on the Baby

Draw a large outline of a baby on a poster board, cut it out and hang it on the wall of the party area. Next, draw and cut out a picture of a nappy. One by one, blindfold each guest, spin them around and let them try to pin the nappy on the baby's bum. Whoever gets the nappy closest to the baby's bum wins the game.


Sue Ridgeway

Sue is a writer, fitness instructor, community volunteer, wife and mother of three girls. In her spare time she teaches spin and pilates classes at the YMCA and with several private clients. Sue knows first hand the trials and tribulations of being pregnant and the struggle to remain fit and fabulous while gestating.

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