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Pregnancy Week 9

Fetal Development at week 9

Your Baby

Your baby now measures between 13-17mm in length. It might be tight, but two babies the size of yours could play in the cap of a fizzy-drink bottle!

Your baby now displays a reflex response to touch - if an object touches the baby’s head, your baby will turn away. The tissue that will form the brain hemispheres is prominent. The inner-ear canals that help baby sense balance and body position are beginning to form.

By now your baby’s trunk and limbs will begin to make spontaneous movements, as the connection improves between its brain and its tiny muscles and nerves. You won’t be able to feel any of these movements yet, because your baby is still so small, rarely comes into contact with the uterus wall, and the motions involve little actual force.

As development proceeds, parts of baby’s body get literally pulled into position from various points that they’ve started growing. Your baby’s ears will not stay low-set (unless that is a family trait). They will be pulled to their normal position as the head grows in size and shape. Likewise, the eyes, although well formed, are located on the sides of your baby’s head, much like a rabbit. They, too, will migrate forward as your baby’s head continues to develop.


As in previous weeks, you may continue to notice some heartburn and indigestion after you eat. Eat small, low-fat meals and snacks to minimise the impact if this affects you. The spicy, greasy, or fried foods and chocolate that you may crave now but just can’t stomach will be waiting for you either later in pregnancy or after baby is born.

During this time, any diseases you have can be communicated to your baby, so avoid contact with people who have colds, the flu, or other illnesses. If you think you have a cold or the flu, read our advice on dealing with a cold whilst pregnant.