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Pregnancy Week 7

Fetal Development at week 7

Your Baby

During the next six days, the baby’s brain, body, and head will undergo a period of rapid growth. The head grows faster than other regions of the baby’s body, mostly because of the rapid development of the brain and face.

Your baby’s brain has differentiated into the three main parts possessed by all human brains: the forebrain, the midbrain, and the hindbrain. The hindbrain contains regions that help regulate heart rate and breathing and coordinate muscle movements; the midbrain is a relay station, sending messages to their final destinations in the brain; and the forebrain has specialized structures called lobes that translate input from the senses, play a role in memory formation and storage, and engage in 'higher order' processing, like thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.

An ultrasound test or sonogram can be performed any time from this point on to estimate the date of conception by measuring the baby’s crown-to-rump length.


Most women don’t notice much change in their own bodies yet. When you first start to show your pregnancy, you’ll start to bulge in your lower abdomen beneath your belly button. That’s where your uterus is situated.

Your baby’s development requires lots of fluids; remember that it is floating in amniotic fluid, which is constantly being replaced. For this reason and for the more efficient removal of waste, drink plenty of liquids.

Things to do when 7 weeks pregnant

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner is important during pregnancy. Read about sex during pregnancy.
  • Get someone else to clean the cat litter box! Experts advise that cat poop can cause an infection called toxoplasmosis which can be harmful to baby.
  • Find a good maternity bra to help relieve any discomfort.