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Pregnancy Week 2

Fetal Development at week 2

Although you’re (still) not officially pregnant yet, your body is busy getting ready for the introduction of baby into the womb.

In the 40-week pregnancy calendar, weeks one and two are actually before conception happens – counted from the day of your last normal menstrual period.

During this time your body is preparing an egg for fertilisation and rebuilding a fresh lining of the uterus, ready for the implantation and growth of a new baby. At the end of week two ovulation typically starts, and unprotected sex during this time may lead to a pregnancy.

Trying to get pregnant?

The best time to have sex is in the few days before ovulation, and again on the day of ovulation. Use our ovulation calculator to work out when to close the curtains, light the candles and play some music to get you and your partner in the mood!