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Pregnancy Week 12

Fetal Development at week 12

Your Baby

Over the next three days, your baby’s fingernails will begin to grow from the nail beds. The baby’s skin is sensitive all over - any type of touch causes your baby to move.

Your baby’s brain now has the same structure it will have at birth, but it’s just a smaller size.

With rare exceptions, you won’t feel your lively baby move yet. The baby’s newly formed muscles are weak, and your baby is so small that the womb has barely expanded and is still contained within the framework of your hips.

A new reflex is present: now when your baby’s face is touched, it will open its mouth. This is called the ‘rooting reflex’ and is an instinct baby develops so it can find and feed from your nipples once born.


Any sudden, large weight gain during this period should be reported to your doctor since it might be tied to fluid retention and changes in your blood pressure.

You may notice an occasional headache. Headaches during pregnancy are generally caused by hormonal changes, added stress, and increased sinus congestion. In addition, you may notice some dizziness and faintness. If you are feeling light-headed, try to lie down and elevate your legs higher than your head. Get up slowly when you feel stabilized. Keep nutritious snacks in your purse, car, and desk.

Despite these symptoms, you may feel more emotionally stable now as your body gets more and more used to being pregnant. Every woman is different, however, and each pregnancy is unique, no matter how many children you have had.