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Potty Training

emzy emzy
submitted this tip on September 25th 2006
When potty training I found it useful to let the child run around with just pants on at home until they got the idea of pulling them down! I also found they learnt quicker with going straight to pants rather than using pull ups. Some children get confused by them!

Comments for this tip

Violet1 Violet1
commented on August 30th 2017
Hello, Emzy. My sons 3 years now. He’s using the toilet normally. When he was 22 months, I practiced him for the potty training. At this age, he was ready to use the potty. First, I let him watch and learn. Then I bought a nice potty a cool underwear. I taught him to sit and stand. Training was continuous and we celebrate his success
Lucia Lucia
commented on August 30th 2017
Hi, mommies. I’m a mom of 3 children. I want to share with you my experience with a potty. The Potty training was exciting. I found it deferent from one to another. I found that the best age for training is between 22-30 months. Boys tend to be ready a few months later than girls. Best wishes.
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