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Buttercup Buttercup
submitted this tip on September 25th 2006
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Children need confidence. Try to say something to your child each day that will help build up their confidence. It is so easy to Shatter their confidence without meaning to. Try to do just the opposite. What you say to your child means more than you may realize. Confidence builds success.

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Arthnel Arthnel
commented on February 27th 2016
I think this is absolute truth. I have a wonderful 1 Yr 7 Mth daughter and she is very confident. I try to keep it that way by exposing her to many things early like reading and speaking clearly. Baby-talk is not a norm for her. We speak slowly and tell her the name of things and point out most everything she tries to question. I''m amazed at how much she understands and I try to keep her at it.
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