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Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

angelmum angelmum
submitted this tip on August 25th 2006
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If your child doesn''t like to eat much veg, what I do is mash it all together with mash potato. My children are not keen on carrots or turnip, so I mush it all together and they eat it. Just add a little cheese to it too and they won''t know any different.

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nshsarin nshsarin
commented on February 10th 2016
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Vegetables can be very well used in porridge. Make a porridge of lentil, rice and vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, peas. Boil all ingredients together. after it is boiled, coarsely grind the same. Add salt to taste and a little butter. This is a good way for little ones to eat their vegetables.
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