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Finding support as a parent

Rob Rob
submitted this tip on February 12th 2006
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FIND SUPPORT!! I hope this is seen as a valid tip as I feel it is equally as important as tips for breastfeeding or sleeping etc. This tip is an incredibly important factor when all else fails, as there will be times when no matter what you do your little one will not sleep. It’s at times like this when you need a supportive husband/partner, friend, family member or forum such as this. You need to find somewhere you can go to vent or cry. This will stop your from building things up and reaching critical blow out. I know from experience that being a mum is sooo much harder then I could have possibly imagined. I never thought there would be times when I would get sooo frustrated or angry and sad. With all these emotions you need some one to talk to. To calm you down, to give you advice, to tell you that YOU ARE NOT A BAD MUM!!!! when you feel like you really are. So my tip would be to set yourself up with a support network (as I said consisting of friends, family or people in the same scenario - toddler groups or forums). Forums are good as they can be there 24 - 7 when most people can't!

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leokoki leokoki
commented on September 26th 2017
71. Very true Rob. Parenting can be very frustrating at times, especially for the mothers. They bear much weight, time and all when it comes to caring and rising up the kids. Despite finding a support group in which you can vent and get heard, they help the women stay in the right state of mind. Many of them forget who they are when it comes to the point where their lives are just about the baby. It is at such points that most marriages break because the woman''s attention is diverted to the child. On the other hand, they even forget to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and of course socially. These only adds up to the possible frustrations and anxiety that mostly lead to depression. Some women also end up hating their own children because they feel as if, they (the kids) have denied them the time to enjoy life. It is in such forums and support groups that such women are encouraged and reminded who they are. The ability to stay smart and impressive is ignited by fellow parents who share their stories and relevant help. On the other hand, they end up enjoying every bit of parenting since they are made to understand that the children are precious gifts in their lives. It is important for parents to associate themselves with the close support groups. Their children too will make friends during social gatherings arranged like birthday parties
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