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7 Amazing Ways to Stay Fit as a Family

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7 Amazing Ways to Stay Fit as a Family

Taking care of a family can be a tough job – but an active lifestyle can make things easier. Staying fit can help you cope with everyday problems, not to mention the fact that sport is a great way to spend your family moments together and have lots of fun, as well as ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Start today and make it happen with these simple ideas!

1. Spend your free time outdoors

Did you know that kids nowadays spend around 50% less time outdoors than you did when you were young? Even though spending most of your family time in front of the TV is a difficult habit to break, small steps can go a long way. A moderate walk, some simple gardening or a game of playing catch are all great ways to start spending at least a few hours a day in the fresh air.

2. Avoid driving and walk instead

Walking instead of driving is a simple habit that can dramatically improve your well-being. Parents who walk their children to school will find they easily get an hour of exercise per day, just by choosing walking over driving. They also get some quality time together with their kids and research suggests they save, on average, about £400 per year on petrol.

3. Get a family dog

Having a family dog is a great way to make sure your family enjoys more time outdoors. Your children will probably love walking their furry friend, and spending time playing video games will suddenly be the last thing on their mind. The maths make sense, too: two one-hour walks per day equal about 400 calories, which means you could lose about a pound every ten days – just by walking your dog.

4. Organise a family sports tournament

If your children are not that keen on sports, it could be difficult to motivate them, especially considering the fact that about 40% of children would rather play video games or watch TV than go outside and do sports. Organise a family sports tournament and play to win; the competitiveness of it all will surely make them want to give it their best shot. And don’t forget about the prize for the winner!

5. Find a fun form of exercise your children enjoy

If you try to force your kids into sports they’re not especially interested in, it will not work out in the long run. The odds are definitely against you; among five to 16-year-olds, 12% are inactive, rising to 58% among 16 to 19-year-olds. Try out many different activities, think outside the box, offer them many alternatives, and then let them pick out the ones they like the most.

6. Limit time spent in front of the TV or computer

Did you know that you only burn about 20 calories per hour watching TV? Considering the fact that kids nowadays could spend an average of six hours per day staring at TV or computer screens, it’s really quite alarming. If nothing else works, simply limit the TV and computer to one hour per day.

7. Make household chores fun

Even though household chores can be a boring obligation, they can also be a fun activity that will help you and your family stay fit. Turn up the music, sing along and dance through the house while taking care of the necessary cleaning. If the whole family does it together, it will surely be the most fun you've ever had with household chores – and you’ll end up burning about 200 calories per hour.

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