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What's your worst and best moments of breastfeeding?

posted 6 years 2 weeks ago
Sorry to hear that ~ I also knew someone who just experience that pain. I think base on my researched before it is Mastitis or Breast Engorgement. There is a hard part and pain from swollen engorge breasts. And the only thing to relieve the pain is to pump the milk away.

posted 6 years 15 hours ago
Hi. Hoping that moms out there are doing fine. Just to share, my worst moment during breastfeeding is when it's my first time; the time that i'm still convincing my baby to latch in my breast, and when he tried, the pain is really there. It hurts so bad! But after several weeks, i already had my best moments with my child during breastfeeding. We can already play with each other at the same time. There's no pain anymore, and i am so glad that my baby was already satisfied.

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