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Anyone have a crazy birth story?

posted 8 years 2 months ago
I remember when I was pregnant with my first son, I read every book I could get a hold of. I specifically remember one. If I recall correctly, it was titled What to Expect When Expecting. I thought I was completely prepared for labor or at least had the general idea of it. Boy was I wrong!!

It was past my due date by a few days and the doctors wanted to induce. I went in early that morning and they said I was having contractions already so they sent me home. Hours later I was in what I thought was the worst pain of my life! We went back to the hospital and they checked to see if I was dilated. I was only at maybe 2 centimeters. On the way to the bathroom, I thought that I had accidentally lost control of my bladder. That's literally what it felt like to me. There was no pop and gush of liquid as I had read in the books I had. I informed the nurse who told me that all pregnant women were naturally moist. What?! Another nurse complained and went and got a strip that tested for amniotic fluid. My water had definitely broke.

I was put into a room and left there. The pain continued to get worse. I remember punching the chair and the wall. I can still remember my dad actually looking petrified lol. Nobody was checking to see my progression at all. I felt like I had to use the bathroom and spent forever in there. I didn't have a pushing sensation. I had the sensation that I had to go but nothing was coming. When they did shift change and finally checked me, I was told that the baby was crowning. They rushed me through the hallways towards the delivery room. At the same time, a call was put into the doctor who had already gone home for the evening. I remember telling my mom that something was moving. When she lifted the sheet, my son was already halfway out. My mother actually delivered him. The doctor arrived just in time to deliver the placenta.

posted 8 years 2 months ago
It's funny how you can read as many books as possible but until you're living it, it really can't compare, right?!

My birth story was pretty straight forward, although at the time I went into labor I was about an hour and a half away from my hospital. It was over the Christmas break, and my inlaws live about that distance away...hubby also had his brother visiting from overseas, so he wanted to stay at his folks for a few days to spend some time with him.

I was obviously apprehensive, being only 10 days away from my due date, but we all assumed I would go overdue so I sucked it up and just went.

What a surprise when I went into labor at his folks place - traffic was a nightmare getting back to the hospital and being in labor in a car is NO fun! There's limited moving around that I could do, and trying to get comfy (or as comfy as possible) when you're contracting and confined to a car seat is horrible!

Needless to say, if we have a second one I don't think I will be going anywhere from 38 weeks!

posted 8 years 2 weeks ago
I don't think mine is a crazy birth story, but it didn't go as what I planned as well.

I still remember when it was reaching the due date of my first pregnancy, many of my friends asked if I was nervous, I was really not nervous, as I think it's just so natural for a mother to give birth. And yes, I have read books and talked to doctor, my mom and some mothers, I got an idea what I should look for when the baby wanted to come out. I think I was ready for it, and just waited for the baby to come out.

Even when I had contraction at home, in the middle of the night, I was observing it on my own without disturbing my husband. I couldn't sleep but I was just waiting for more than 4 hours and I think this should be the sign. I took bath, had breakfast, got everything prepared, then my husband sent me to the hospital to do the checkup. The doctor said it's time to go to the labor room, and I just waited there comfortably.

After some time, the pain became more intense, I waited until I couldn't tolerate it anymore, then I asked the nurse to inject the pain killer for me. She told me it'd take 30 minutes for the medicine to take effect. I guess that time I wanted to faint, because it was just too painful for me. After some time, when the baby was ready to come out, I tried to push out my baby.

After trying for 30 minutes, the doctor said my baby was stuck inside, and asked for our opinion whether we'd go for emergency c-section. I could still try, but there was a risk. Of course, I wouldn't want to risk my baby's life, so my husband and I decided to go for c-section. Before going into the surgery room, I was in real pain as well.

I never thought of having c-section, as I thought it's so natural for a mother to give birth naturally. But, I ended up having two c-sections, both were forced to do so. And now, I have no choice but have to schedule a date for c-section for my third baby as well.

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