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Gender Neutral Parenting

posted 8 years 2 months ago
My partner and I are both transgender. We know first-hand the pain and confusion of growing up with the world insisting your identity is one way, when inside you know that does not conform to your true self. We also know that genitals and gender are not related. Because of this, we are not raising our child as male, female, or any other gender. Instead, we are going to let them explore their identity on their own and let us know what they discover to be their true sense of self, rather than imposing an identity on them that may or may not agree with who they really are. I know that we are not the only parents who have done this before, but I have not been able to find any stories from other parents about their experiences with gender neutral parenting. It is just confusing to me to see how important people seem to find the shape of their baby's genitals, and how much stress some people undergo hoping that their baby has the genitals they like the best, as if this is any guarantee of a child's personality traits or how "easy" they are to raise. Why can we not just accept every child as an individual with their own set of traits independent of their sex organs and quit imposing this silly gender dichotomy on them?

posted 8 years 2 months ago
Well I cannot say that I can relate to your situation, but I agree with your premise that traditional dichotomies are not really the most accurate ways of teaching children about human sexuality and that they should be taught differently perhaps. I do think that it is important though and any sweeping change might need a little attention. I am not really sure though, but it is an interesting topic for discussion.

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