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Crazy climbing toddler!

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I have a 19 month old son whose new favorite thing is to climb everything. I remember going through this with my first one, but she was so much easier than him! Does anyone have any advice how to stop this? I've been putting him in time out as well as telling him "NO-You'll get a booboo!" I'm worried he's going to get hurt.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
Oh my, that's a hard one. I remember those times all too well. It seemed no matter what I said, they would still climb on anything they possibly could. At that age, they're exploring and being able to get up higher, opens up an entirely different world lol. As worrisome as it can be, it's not a bad thing. They're developing some sort of independence.

With my children, I finally gave up on using the word no when it came to climbing. It seemed that the more it was used, the more they'd do exactly what I didn't want them to.

There are several different things you can do.

You can provide safer climbing options. There are plenty of soft block type things that you can make obstacle courses or forts out of.

We tried to not make a huge deal out of them climbing on things. Not the easiest task to concur!! We would try to divert their attention to something else instead.

Supervise your child but attempt to not stress out all the time. Climbing is a stage that every toddler goes through. Definitely teach him how to climb down. In the end, while this doesn't help at all, falls are going to happen. Children need to learn cause and effect. Tumbling off the couch may cause some small bruising but it's not going to terribly injure your child.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
Well it sounds like you are going through the "everything is a my jungle gym" phase where they just think that they can crawl or climb over everything. Baby proofing the house is critical here, because you really cannot have eyes on them all day every day, so you have to know that precautions are in place. Other than that just being careful and trying your best is really all that you can do. Hopefully the natural consequences are not too much.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
Thanks, guys! I'll have to look into a baby gym. My mom thinks I'm nuts, she came over and saw my dining room chairs all stacked on the table. Its better than him using them to climb. He will push them over to the counter and get on that and then get into stuff. Hopefully, this stage is over soon!

posted 8 years 5 months ago
The funny thing about climbing babies is that it gets worse (when they turn 2) before it becomes better. They feel they have super powers that can make them climb, jump and fly; after a few bumps, sprains and scratches, they think of other adventures.
When my son was constantly climbing and having accidents, we had to improvise by distracting him with outdoor activities like tricycle riding, walks, visit to a play center; and while indoors, we would build with building blocks which of course he loved to destroy. The climbing does not stop at once but gradually fades away. It will be over soon.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
My son is five, and my daughter is two. I have a house full of monkeys lol. Super daredevil kids that have no fear. I'm still fighting my five year old to stop climbing and jumping on the furniture. Finally I was defeated. I figure if I tell them three times to stop and get down, and they do not, then it's gravity's turn lol. I'm hoping they will learn from their mistakes and realize that they could get hurt if they are not careful. But as parents yes we want to protect them, but on the other hand, if we let them fall then maybe they will learn for themselves.

posted 7 years 9 months ago
My daughter is just 13 months and she can barely walk but climbs almost anything she can e.g. dining table. In my personal opinion, they have a bit of self-preservation instinct so I let her be, but I am an arms-reach away, ready to catch her if she falls.

posted 7 years 7 months ago
My LO is also 19 months. Climbs on everything but even worse, runs and jumps on chairs, furniture, etc. Not a day goes by when he doesn't cause himself an injury. Our first child and just letting him get on with it unless he's about to do something really dangerous

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