Hello everyone Smile
I am a third year PhD student at the University of Sheffield. I am posting in this forum to make everyone's lives easier, so I hope you won't see it as a spamming post. I am writing to ask for help with a project, which I am currently developing. I hope you won't mind to fill this questionnaire (docs.google.com/forms/d/1h4j1y6Qinrqoa-CChtoMk0tcVsnu3QAKUfvW2Alp-II/viewform).

I have always wanted to create something for our society. I remember how much time as a child I have spent playing computer games, how hard it was for my parents to control my computer usage. Now I wish I would have used that time for something more useful. This is how I came up with an idea to improve current computer restriction software. These days it is not very flexible, as parents set restriction times and kids have no influence over it. This issue considerably demotivates kids.

I gathered a team and we are developing a software which would allow kids, for example, get a half an hour of play time if they do an hour of homework, some household tasks or play an instrument for an hour (these times and activities would be chosen by parents). This way kids get more responsibility over what they can do with their actions as well as get more play time. This makes them happier, which makes parents happier as well!

I hope you will find it relevant and help me. I am saying thanks as a future parent Smile (docs.google.com/forms/d/1h4j1y6Qinrqoa-CChtoMk0tcVsnu3QAKUfvW2Alp-II/viewform).