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How long would you breastfeed for?

posted 5 years 6 months ago
Breast feeding is important as it gives the nutrition and benefits needed for the baby to be healthy. You can breast feed as long as you and your baby likes, there is no harm in breast feeding. Don't mind what every one says and just do what you think is right. Smile

posted 5 years 6 months ago
Hello mamajay,
I think you are absolutely right. You can continue breastfeeding as long as the milk is still flowing. Ladies who stop their children from breastfeeding do so for some selfish reasons. It is argued that they do so because they want the breast to remain firm. As you can see, this is a selfish reason which does not make any sense. What I know is that you can continue breastfeeding until the baby refuses to. When I was in school, in grade 4 I used to admire my cousin who used to go home and breastfeed. I think he was about 8 years old. The mother used to enjoy it since the boy was the last born. Also, studies don’t say that breastfeeding is a problem. In fact, there are no known side effects of breastfeeding until the milk stop coming. Mother’s milk is good whether the baby is big or not. However, most people breastfeed up to two years. At this point, the baby’s immune system has fully been developed and the kid can be independent. The digestive system is also well-developed meaning that the child is already eating other solid foods prepared in the home. It is also in order to exclusively breastfeed the child for six months and introduce other foods thereafter. If the kid still wants to breastfeed, you can continue. If it does not, you can stop and introduce other meals. So my dear, don’t listen to anyone and let your child enjoy its mothers' milk.

posted 5 years 3 months ago
Breastfeeding for a long time is a good thing. It is good for your baby's development. The longer you can breastfeed the better Smile

posted 4 years 10 months ago
Realistically 12 months. Stretch goal is 18 months. I think it’s hard to tell when there’s so many factors that are outside of mom’s control. Baby might decide to self wean early. Teeth coming in. Pumping not working out at work. Also the strain it puts on your body.

posted 2 months 3 days ago
What does medicine say about breastfeeding?

Medicine strongly supports breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization, and other medical organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby's life. Breast milk provides essential nutrients, antibodies, and other beneficial components that promote optimal growth and development. It also offers numerous health benefits for both the baby and the mother. Breastfeeding has been linked to a reduced risk of infections, allergies, obesity, and chronic diseases in infants. For mothers, breastfeeding can help with postpartum recovery, promote bonding, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. It's important to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice and support on breastfeeding.

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