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How long would you breastfeed for?

posted 8 years 6 months ago
I'm one of those people who loves breastfeeding. I breastfed my first child for two years. I would have continued if the milk had not stopped flowing because I loved it, and so did the baby. After all, I might as well put these knockers to their intended use, right?

I find many people criticizing mothers for breastfeeding for more than six months. Should that really be an issue? I say as long as the milk is available, let the kid have it!

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I breast fed my kids until they were 2.5 years old. I loved that cuddle time and when you think that your kids are only little once it seems a shame to just cut them off. My kids never took to a soother so breastfeeding was a soothing calming time for them. I also nursed them at night and it would help them get back to sleep. My oldest is 13 and I think we have a great relationship because we were so close when he was little. I was never ashamed to say I breastfed my kids past a year.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
The way I look at it I say whatever works for mama and child is great! If it's still working for you and your child then keep going! If it's not working, that's fine too - I think mamas all have to remember that we should support one another no matter how you're feeding your child -- because the important thing is that you are feeding them! Smile

I think these days there seem to be so many criticisms laid on whatever choice you make - I had a really rough time with breastfeeding and began formula feeding after a couple months, and people judged me for that. I think everyone just needs to give everyone some encouragement and a good old virtual hug!

posted 8 years 5 months ago
It got hard for me to breastfeed for a long time because of my work schedule. With my first child I was only able to actually breastfeed until about 6 months, but continued to pump until a year. (that was because she was a biter)

With my second, my pump broke at about month 7, and we weren't able to get a new one for a couple days - and my supply with the second was low anyway, so that was about it for that.

We'll see how this next round goes, but there is something so nice and soothing holding your child close as they breastfeed, it's just something you can't explain to someone who has never done it, or who ever had problems with it.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I think that it is ridiculous if someone tells you that you shouldn't breastfeed after 6 months. Breastfeeding is very important, and needed until 1 year. My LO is almost 16 months, and she still breastfeeds twice a day (first thing in the morning, and at night before bed). I have gone with the self-weening approach. She stopped wanting/needing the 2 during-the-day feedings pretty much right after her birthday, and that was fine with me, actually made it a little easier when I was away from her because she never took to the bottle very well, and it saved me trying to figure out when and where to pump if I wasn't with her.

I am not sure how long she will want to keep feeding, or when I will say enough is enough, but so far we are doing just fine with our arrangement. Once in a while she won't want it at night anymore, but so far there is no evidence of the morning feeding stopping anytime soon.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I think the length of time should be what the mother and child are comfortable with. I was the first person in my family and my husband's to breastfeed. After a few months with my first people started asking "So, how much longer? You'll stop when the baby gets teeth, right?" I nursed both my kids just over a year The first one I was advised to stop at 15 months because I was pregnant. My second child I stopped at 16 months because it was incredibly painful and difficult. He constantly bit me, scratched, poked my eyes, pulled my hair, he was a little bully! I think breastfeeding as a topic, is going in a really good direction. Many people I know, some aren't even parents, are advocates for breastfeeding. I think the stigma is slowly eroding. And congrats for doing something great for your baby!

posted 8 years 5 months ago
The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until the infant is two years old. That is how long I plan on breastfeeding, though it will depend on what my baby's needs are also. It baffles me that in the Western society breastfeeding for longer than six months is looked upon as unnatural, when it is actually the norm in most of the world. I wish parents who have difficulty breastfeeding were supported more. Maybe if they were not talked over by breastfeeding advocates who do not want to scare others away, they would find tools that allow them to breastfeed rather than switching to formula. Parents should also be financially supported to stay home with their children as long as they like, or if they chose to work, that we as a society reconstruct our attitude toward work so it revolves around family life, rather than family life taking the backseat to work like it does now. One day maybe we will realize that we need healthy families to have a healthy society.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I nursed for 1 year, then my son naturally weaned himself. I had only planned to go 6 months, but then was like, maybe I can make it another month, then I got this far, I can make it one more month, etc. I felt it was like a marathon and I was so thankful when my son weaned himself.

Really it was one of the hardest things I've done in life! But I was also working and had to pump at work, refrigerate and transport everything, etc.

I'm glad I did it but at the same time I feel a little jealousy for people who just pop a bottle in a crying baby's mouth, I think, wow that would have been so much easier.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I have breastfeed all of my kids and will do so if I have any more. I breastfeed for as long as I can but the longest has been 13 months. I have however let my older children have breastmilk from me nursing the baby but I did give it to them in a cup.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I agree.. I think it's ridiculous that people believe breastfeeding past a certain age is unnatural, but expect everyone to replace breastmilk with that of another species. Talk about unnatural.. and unhealthy! But to each their own. Nobody has a right to say anything. People will knock a parent no matter what they do. Even when you are the epitome of peaceful parenting and your child is happier than most, they will knock you for SOMEthing. In this case.. let's condone those who lovingly and healthfully nurture their children in a way that makes me uncomfy because SEX! lol. Says more about them than the breastfeeder. It's hard to ignore it, but you must. Baby first Smile

posted 8 years 5 months ago
How long to breastfeed is up to the mother and child...and nobody else should even have any say so about that...maybe the pediatrician..but that's it. I think people should not talk about breastfeeding in a negative is what is best for the children of the world. There is not enough love for the children of the world...when people talk bad about the breast which is how our children get the best nutrition in order to grow big, strong, and healthy...which by the way should be the main concern...there is a huge problem. Sad Face

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I would love to breastfeed past a year. I tried with my first born, but my milk dried up at just over 8 months. I was very sad when that happened and tried everything to get the milk supply back up, but to no avail. This time round I think I'm just going to be more relaxed about it. I'm going to try and breastfeed for as long as I possibly can. Fingers crossed that it will be past a year.

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I too enjoyed breastfeeding my little ones. My son who is now 4 and my daughter will be 3 in April, were both breastfed until they were almost 2. My daughter was a little longer due to her just not wanting to give up on having the milk. I am a stay at home mommy, so nursing for me was easy and available to them whenever they needed it. I feel we created a special bond. Not to mention the amazing health benefits they received from nursing. Neither one of them have ever been sick to where they needed to see the family doctor, or needed to be on any antibiotics. I personally think it has the benefits of making their immune systems stronger than babies fed by formula.

posted 8 years 4 months ago
I have four children and I breastfeed them as long as I can. And as long as the child wants to.

posted 8 years 4 months ago
For my eldest daughter I breastfed for two years. My second I was only to breast feed for a year because I was going to college and depression limited my milk supply. My third only made it to about 7 months since I am expecting my son in June. My midwife suggested that I stop breastfeeding because I am underweight and baby might not be getting the nutrients needed. But I would strongly suggest to breastfeed up to 2 years old.

posted 8 years 4 months ago
Right now, my son is almost two years old and we're still breastfeeding. I don't know just for how long he intends to breastfeed though. But for me, as long as I have milk and he wants to breastfeed, I won't be stopping him. After all, breast is best, why would I counter that? It's free, nutritious and natural as well.

I do get comments on why he is still breastfeeding. Sometimes people are shocked that I still breastfeed him. I just laugh it off and say, "Hey, it's free milk, why not?" Haha! But to be honest, I'm still enjoying our time together and I feel like our bond is stronger because he's breastfeeding. In fact, we've never been apart for more than three hours and even then he'd already be asking for me whoever he's with.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
I really do not care about what others said about breastfeeding, I just do what I think is right and comfortable for my children and I.

I have breastfed my first two children until they were 2.5 years old. I stopped breastfeeding as I didn't have much supply, and I wanted to get pregnant. I just think it's a good time to stop breastfeeding, so my children could sleep through the night.

I don't know why some people would criticize others from breastfeeding more than 6 months, before my first child was born, I have read this from World Health Organization:

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.

Hence I set a target for myself to breastfeed my children for at least 2 years. Since WHO said that, I don't see the what other reasons stopping me from breastfeeding, unless my child or I feel uncomfortable.

posted 6 years 1 month ago

MelissavdW27 said:
I would love to breastfeed past a year. I tried with my first born, but my milk dried up at just over 8 months. I was very sad when that happened and tried everything to get the milk supply back up, but to no avail. This time round I think I'm just going to be more relaxed about it. I'm going to try and breastfeed for as long as I possibly can. Fingers crossed that it will be past a year.
Hi Melissa,I think this is a good strategy some things you cannot plan in advance and as you did write I guess it is the best way to be relaxed about breast feeding. I also always wanted to be breast feeding as long as my LO would take it however my milk dried up already after four months. I tried to get back on track but couldn't manage at this time so we did supply with formula. We took it very seriously finding a good and organic formula and eventually used the Dutch Hipp formula from I think every mother should be as relaxed as possible and not force herself to have to do some things she might not be able to. All your energy needs to be there to love your baby and to be there for you los!Yours,Brooklyn

posted 6 years 1 week ago
It's not really an issue if you breastfeed for a long period of time, as long as it still benefit your child. Actually, we can still breastfeed for up to 2 years. I think every moms out there knew it. So just a piece of advice to everyone, don't be bother if some people are criticizing you. Lots of love!

posted 5 years 11 months ago
I see no problem with breastfeeding for 2 years, some even hit 5 years or until the baby becomes a kid but still enjoying the milk from mum. Some breastfeed only for few months because they have to go back to their works or they have conflict with schedules.

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