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Working with schools

posted 8 years 6 months ago
Hi, i need advice...I am working in a charity called 'Geronimo Kids' and want to get schools to sign up and fund raise for the charity with the chance of winning a fantastic prize at the end (free tickets the the Geronimo Festival for the class and their family). i really believe that it i a great programme but when i phone the schools, they are not prepared to take on 'another' charity.

Any suggestions how i can get schools/ goveners/ PTA to consider this fab project.

many thanks,


RobRob Admin
posted 8 years 6 months ago
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Hi "T",

What's the website for the charity? What's the registered charity number? What does the charity aim to achieve?

Parents and schools alike are bombarded by information and requests from a wide array of charities. You need to:
  • Prove you're legitimate - there's so much news about charity mismanagement and donations being wasted these days.
  • Explain clearly what you do, who you help, and how. Your post above doesn't mention anything about why "Geronimo Kids" exists or who you help.
  • Make people care. Put a human face on the work you're trying to do, appeal to human emotions, and above all provoke an emotional reaction with your messaging. Again, there are so many charities out there, we can't support them all. People tend to stick with well-known national charities (related to the "be legitimate" point above), so if you want people to fund-raise or donate to yours, you need to be very very clear as to why people should - it might be that you're local, it might be a different approach to solving the problem your charity addresses, it might be that you have a very specific and unique story.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


posted 8 years 6 months ago
It's true school are overwhelmed by offers to raise money for various charities and can only take on so many. My kids school does a Terry Fox Run, Christmas hampers, Jump Rope for Heart, Valentines gift baskets, hockey raffles, calendar raffles. These are all in support of great causes so good luck to you. You might have to go in to parent council meetings or meet personally with principals and inform them about your cause. Good luck.

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