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TTC must haves: What do you need?

posted 8 years 3 months ago
What are some of the must haves one needs when they are trying to conceive? I know the basics like Folic acid, but what others are needed in order to give your body the best chance possible to conceive? Any particular vitamins the body must have in it to ensure a good chance of conceiving?

posted 8 years 2 months ago
Hmmm.... well for those five years that we were trying after my miscarriage, I read a lot on the subject and pretty much came to the conclusion that vitamins probably wouldn't make a difference *in actual conception.* *BUT* I remember reading that it wouldn't hurt to be taking pregnancy vitamins during the time you're trying to conceive so your body is as healthy as possible for when you do. Is it a good idea? I don't know, but I thought so at the time... wouldn't hurt to ask your doc about that.

Must haves? The only thing that has stuck in my mind that makes sense may or may not have worked for me. I mean I did indeed get pregnant again after 5 years, and I did indeed do this, so maybe...

Anyhow, it was simply to lie still after being intimate instead of rushing off to the bathroom right away... (just a few minutes, not a half hour or anything!) giving sperm more of a chance to "swim" to where they need to go, I guess. Now I suppose some would laugh at that... and say it's silly and doesn't make sense or work... but I *did* do it, and I *do* have a great daughter, so...

posted 8 years 2 months ago
I agree with Mariposa - I think laying still or even slightly elevating your legs afterwards helps - it's just basic gravity! Sounds almost too simple but I've heard of many people saying it helped them conceive.

I also think the other thing is really knowing your cycle. If you don't know exactly when you're ovulating then you might be timing things completely wrong. Many friends of mine had success by using the OPK's that you can get at your local pharmacy and knowing exactly when they were ovulating!

posted 7 years 9 months ago
hi... i think you are pretty much on the money with the folic acid. i have been taking it since we started TTC a few months ago.
that along with a heatly lifestyle and healty eating should be just fine.
other than that one thing that has been proven to increase the chances of concieving especially if you dont produce much cm around ovulation is fertility lube :-D we started using it this month after reading some fantastic reviews.... it provides a neutral enviroment for the sperm and helps the little swimmwes along their way.
there are diff brands, iv heard a lot about preseed although we opted for FertileCheck fertility gel as we got a good deal and after doing tonnes of research agreed that they all pretty much have the same ingredients anyway.
i am now 7 dpo and hoping that it has done the trick...i am dying to poas but im being good this month so far :-/ i would have usually peed on a small fortune come 7dpo haha.

anyway... i hope this helps.... good luck xx

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