Hi Ladies, I'm looking for a little help please. I'm a nutritionist & fitness instructor that specialises in helping mums to fit regular exercise & healthy eating into their busy lifestyles. I'm launching my first book soon and I'm looking for a little feedback on my title.

The book is all about why we gain weight, why it's so hard to shift it permanently despite our best efforts, why diets don't work and what you can do about it.

I'm thinking of calling it "Why are you still so fat?" With a sub heading of "The real reason diets don't work..."

If you could answer the following questions I'd really appreciate it. I'll even send you a PDF version of the book before we launch as a thank you :-)

Would this title grab your attention?
Would you be offended by the title?
Would it make you want to know more?
What would you want to learn from the book?

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. It's a huge help.

- Lucinda