Hi everyone :-),

i'm pregnant with my first child and although i am very excited I just keep reading more and more information online and it's getting to be a little overwhelming... There's so much i had no idea about... (e.g... i read about Listeria yesterday and realised i've been eating the wrong types of cheese for a couple of weeks Sad Face

Im pretty sure i wasn't told by my doctor which is a little worrying if im honest. I figure the best thing for me would be to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about face to face and so i've been looking for advice groups or events online.

Has anyone been to any pregnancy events that they found useful? I heard about PregSense from a friend - has anyone else been there? Would be great to know. Also there a loads of forums and websites out there. Are there any which you have found particularly useful? Thanks for your time and help.. its much appreciated!