Hi, I'm Yolanda. In the past two years I've been pregnant twice. The first one I lost and doctors said if was a partial molar pregnancy. The second one I lost:, I went for a scan at 7 weeks and saw the baby's heartbeat. I had to return for another scan when I was 10 weeks. During those three weeks of waiting, I got sick but never took any medication but I knew we lost it. When I went back to fir my scan, baby's heartbeat just stopped. Had a d&c. This was in April. LO and behold.... Pregnant after I took a pregnancy test at home. Am about 6 and a half weeks... Scared to go to a doctor..... I've had some light pink spotting, I see this only when I go to the toilet. Had severe cramps, breast are heavier than a week ago.. but I still don't feel pregnant anymore.... Is there any reason for worrying? And I lost a little weight also.... (sniff...sniff... Sad Face )