Hi all! Smile

Okay, so I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

I am an Irish female, age 21, who has recently graduated university and moved to the UK to live with my English partner (moved beginning of June 2014). He has been working here full time for approx a year and a half and is on an okay wage.

I was 4 months pregnant upon moving here and am now at 25 weeks. I began working in an office doing temp work 4 weeks ago and am due to finish in 8 weeks when I will be 33 weeks pregnant.

Due to my having only recently moved here and therefore not been working the required number of weeks to receive maternity leave this leaves us at bit of a loose end. Also as I will be 33 weeks pregnant when I finish this temp work applying for job seekers seems to be slightly hopeless as evidently I will not be seeking work for some time. We have been trying to save as much as possible and my partner is doing the best he can but rent, bills, baby products etc are quite expensive in the long run.

Basically I am looking for any advice people can offer. Although not ideal, claiming some form of benefits may be the only possible solution. If people could suggest any alternative means of income that is offered or any tax relief/ statutory pay we may be entitled to, it would be greatly appreciated.

All advice welcome! Thank you Smile