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TTC for three years

posted 5 years 1 week ago
Hello to all,

I want to say about my story. My name is Simonne and I am currently 32. I am TTC with my husband for 3 years now. We have already tried everything and it seems that our last chance is going for IVF as we have been recommended by my doctor. My husbands sperms are to little and too weak. Can you some of you please share your IVF experience here? How long did it take and was the first attempt successful? Where did you go?
Thanks so much!

posted 5 years 1 week ago
Hi. I've not been through IVF myself but my best friend did; and I was with her when she had the fertilised embryos implanted. She had previously tried the Chlomid drug to try and stimulate ovulation, but it didn't help. The fertility problem was with her, not her husband! She found the IVF a stressful time as she had to go back and forth to the hospital for scans to track where she was at in her cycle; and had to inject herself. However, she was so lucky that she fell pregnant on her first IVF cycle and now has a little girl. Obviously not everyone is as lucky though, so it could be a long process, with no guarantees. Good luck whatever you decide.

posted 5 years 3 days ago
Thank you for your reply! It all seems stressful for me too even if I haven started yet. I am thinking of going abroad though because my finances are limited. I am considering options right now. I will keep you updated...

posted 4 years 11 months ago
- My blog
Hi there,

As you can see from my recent post, i've been through ivf three times. Some people say it's terrible. Heres how I got through it. I got into my mind that this was just part of the adventure to becoming a parent. Yes it can be scarey, but my way to get through it was to trick myself that it was going to be a great day out! Mad, but it worked for me. The journey to and from the hospital was the worse bit, (speed bumps). After that i turned my fear into excitement for (maybe) getting a baby at the end of it. Yes there are certain times when the procedure is uncomfortable, but no moreso than going for a smear. If they offer drugs, take them! I turned my thoughts into 'woohoo i'm making a baby'. A friend of mine went one step further and videod the whole process from start to finish. There were some parts that the hospital wouldn't allow for legal reasons, but on the whole she had a good rapport with them and that worked for her. I wont lie, by the third attempt my body (and mind) had had enough. I had a cut off point in my mind for ivf attempts, based on age, cost and the pysical and mental - "how much can I take." My limit was three. Hats off to those who can go on regardless. The most frustrating thing was having to have ivf in the first place and having others 'make the baby' before I get to. The scariest thought was that it may not work and making the decision not to do it again. In reality I still find going to the dentist more frightening! My baby had her first birthday this Christmas! And she was conceived naturally, so don't ever give up! Good luck with your adventure and try not to let the anxiety ruin what could be the start of your journey to parenthood. x

posted 4 years 11 months ago
Hello Jea,

thank you very much for your supportive message. Congratulation to your baby!! It is just beautiful to hear good news from the others. I wish you good luck and I promise I will try to take my journey for parenting as an adventure:)

posted 4 years 9 months ago
Hi again!
Girls, which clinic did you choose for your ivf?
Now in decision making about ivf, need some recommendations, I am still little scary about whole thing, even I am taking it as an adventure;)
thank you!

posted 4 years 7 months ago
Hi! So i have finally decide for this one in czech rep.
If you will need any advices about IVF abroad do not hesitate to ask! I am going there in september so then i can provide some references for you!

posted 4 years 7 months ago
I just wanted to say good luck, I hope all goes well for you!

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