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Government e-petition against childcare ratio changes

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Just to flag up that there's now an official Government e-petition for parents against proposed childcare ratio changes. You can find out more about it by Googling 'Rewind on Ratios'.

Under the Government's proposed changes, nursery and pre-school staff could be expected to look after six two-year-old children (up from the current limit of four) and four babies aged one or under (up from three). Childminders could be expected to care for four children under five (up from three) and two babies under one (up from one).

Many believe that this is not only unsafe, but also will lead to lower quality childcare as staff will not have time to interact with children on a one-to-one basis.

If the e-petition reaches 10,000 signatures, the Government HAS to provide a response, and if we make it to 100,000, the issue will be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

The aim is to make sure that parents' voices are heard on this matter and we encourage everyone opposed to the changes to not only sign the petition but pass it on to at least 5 fellow parents and encourage them to do the same, so it builds up some momentum.

Thank you!

posted 8 years 4 months ago
Well we have six kiddos who are under the age of three where I work, and I do not personally deal with them, but I do know that it is almost impossible to do so with one person. It is impossible to do anything constructive when you constantly have to chase them around and get them to sit. It is just more productive with more people, so I would definitely get on board with this petition.

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