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Is getting your child into and out of your car a problem?

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Hello All

First of all I will admit that I am not a Parent; well not yet anyway. I am a final year design student looking into possible problems for my thesis project.

One issue that had been brought to my attention by family, friends and colleagues are the problems of getting a baby or young child into a car/car seat. This isn't to do with the child disliking the car seat or getting upset but the physical strain that is placed on a parent as they try to lift the child in and out at an awkward angle.

The question simply is... Is This A Problem For Parents?

There are systems that have been developed for the elderly but I have not seen, in my preliminary research, a system to help parents with children.

Any and all input is welcomed, Regards


posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Yes it can be a problem, especially with very young babies as they aren't able to climb in themselves or help support themselves at all. When you are repeatedly bending in and out of the car with a small child your back starts to strain. It's also awkward if you are holding bags etc too.

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