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How to discipline my 12 year old daughter?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Last edited by sfombom 1 decade 2 years ago
My 12 year old daughter doesn't respond to punishments. She's been really disrespectful recently, she talks back, doesn't listen, ect. Punishments like grounding and sending her to her room don't work, she finds a way to entertain herself. Taking away her phone doesn't work, she doesn't really learn from it or try to earn it back. I think she's a bit old for spankings but do you thing I should start? If so, how? What position, with what, for what? I'm worried that if she continues like this her behavoiur will get worse when she's older and she'll become a out of hand teen. Any suggestions?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago

posted 8 years 5 months ago
I am so sorry your daughter is not listening. By now she is a teenager, so I can only assume the problem has been fixed. My suggestion would be to (when she is grounded to her room), take anything and everything out. Leave her bed, and a dresser (she really doesn't need anything else). Also, spankings may or may not work. They work for my daughter (but that's because she may get spanked once in a blue moon so it shocks her). I would cut off ties with her friends (no more going out with them or having those extra perks). If she gets an allowance, take that away from her as well. Show her what it's like to have nothing. Also, have you thought about jail tours? I know some jails will allow for you to take your child and give them a scared straight tour. I believe the child needs to be at least 11 years of age for it to take place. Has she always misbehaved, or is it something that just started to happen?

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