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Holidays in Term Time!?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago

I would be very grateful for any advice/comments any of you may have to offer. My sons father wants to take him to America at the end of June this year there is a half term at the start of June this would ultimately mean that he (my son) would be off from school for almost a month!! I have expressed my concerns that our son should not be away from School for this long but according to his Dad (who is, in my opinion, the devil in human form, hence why we are no longer together) I'm being ridiculous, and our sons education doesn't matter that much at this point because he's only 8!

Personally I don't think I'm being hasty? (certainly not spiteful) I would love to yes, as I have done on many occasions but, I just Dont think the circumstances are right. From a 'responsible parent' point of view??

Last year we went on holiday and I refused to go at any other time other than the 6 weeks holiday now..I understand there are money issues and, if there wasn't a half term at the beginning of June I may have been inclined to say yes. Needless to say, things are getting nasty now (from my sons father) as he isn't getting his own way..Do I stick to my guns, in the fear that my son will hate me for saying NO? I'm guessing the school will refuse the holiday anyway (I hope) but if they allow the holiday, I have to say no..right?

What are you're views??

Thank you!!!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I have mixed views on this I'm afraid so I may not be all that helpful to you, but here goes. I have never ever taken my children out of school, even though this has meant missing holidays because we can't afford to go during the summer time with high prices. I agree that school shouldn't be taken for granted. However, you can always talk to the teacher at school for an idea of what your child will miss as they have their year planned out already (I know as I work in a school). If your child is 8 I'm guessing he is a year 4? (maybe year 3). Their annual tests are in May so he wont miss those if he's away in June, nor will he miss the work leading up to the tests. But concider other things, is your son strong academically? Will he fall behind much if he is away? Also, even schools with their strict policies don't just value academic learning. They also acknowledge holistic learning and the benefits to a child of enrichment, relationships and experiences. Is your issue with the holiday or your ex?

I would like to stress again that I choose not to take my children out of school either BUT others do and I don't think their children's learning suffers in the long run. It is maybe more about the message you want to send your son in regard to school and responsibility. If he goes on the trip maybe you could arrange extra work for him to take with him so he is still practicing his skills.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
This is a tricky one. First of all I would speak with the school. It may not even be an option to do this. Also could the father rethink the days so that the time away includes the school holidays.

Also ask yourself. Will your child enjoy the trip away? I always think that the adventure of a holiday is fantastic and a child can learn a great deal on these kinds of trips that are not taught in school.

As a single parent I want the best for me son but I know I have to be careful not to let my own feelings regarding his father to cloud my decision making. Take time to work why you don't want this to happen and remove your personal feelings about the father.

Hope this helps.

My heart also goes out to you in this situation.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I can see how this is a very difficult one. For what it's worth, my sister took her 8 year old out of school for a trip to the USA a few years ago (this is almost a carbon copy situation to yours!). The benefit outweighed the loss of school time ten-fold. The trip had a hugely positive effect of the 8 year old and it's almost as if he came back more "worldly wise".

Ultimately, you have to go with what you think is right for your boy, but for my money, the experience of seeing another culture at that age is invaluable. And it's not as if he's doing his A-levels!

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