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My boyfriend and my son got the same age!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hello all!
I'm 41 and I'm in a relationship with a younger man I met on an online dating website
The age gap is not a problem between us but it’s a big issue for my son as my boyfriend got his same age!
I really don't know how to manage this because since I talked to him about my partner, he stopped talking to me!!!
That's ruining my life...I'm really in love with my boyfriend but at the same time I don't want to run any risk to lose my son!!!It’d be a dream for me if we all became a family…
Any advice or similar experiences?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I think the first thing you need to think about is the fact that generally speaking your son would expect you to be with a man close to your own age. Certainly someone older than him by a good few years because when you think about the normal family structure, be it a father or step father, most of the time we are from a different generation! It may be very difficult for your son to 'look up to' your new partner as he would expect to with a new partner of yours, when he sees that partner as an equal to himself in age and development.
Ultimately as a grown woman you have the right to be with anyone you choose who is of legal age and providing no one is being harmed.What do your partner's family think of the two of you being together? How has his mum taken it? and how would you feel if you son were with a lady your age? These are questions that may be going through your sons head. You need to decide how serious your relationship is and how likely it is to last long term. If you think there is a future then talk to your son; giving him time and understanding. You need to build these foundations properly. Alternatively if it's just a fling likely to fizzle out in a few months I would say it's really not worth the upset between you and your son and you should think about moving on.

posted 6 years 8 months ago
I think your son is quite right. There is no way you can date a man who is as old as he is. You see, the reasoning is clear here. You son is looking at a step further and not his mother’s boyfriend. This implies that the man he should call as a step farther must be older than him and full of wisdom. However, what you are giving him is a boy of his age. Now let’s be candid here what the age gap between you and your boyfriend is? If it is over 18 years, then you are abusing the boy. Then consider other factors that may be attracting your boyfriend. Is it your wealth, a previous relationship on his side which went sour? What is it? If the reason is materialistic, you better terminate this relationship and look for a man who is as old as you are. Otherwise, if you continue investing in this relationship I can tell you for free that it won’t take long before you lose all your investment

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