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6 th month on clomid TTC,anyone concieve on their 6 th round

posted 6 years 10 months ago
im on my 6 th round of clomid iv ovulated most months but had no bfp as yet ,im hoping im lucky on my last round and concerned if it doesnt happen this month ,what next.has anyone concieved on 50mg clomid round 6

posted 6 years 10 months ago
I'm sorry I can't give you great advice on this as I've not had fertility treatment. My best friend has though, she was on Clomid for several months at varying strengths. Unfortunately she did not get pregnant, but she is about to start IVF treatment TOMORROW on the NHS. Fingers crossed for you that this works but if not IVF or IUI are the next option I'm guessing. Good luck.

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