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Contractions at 27 weeks!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
i've just entered my 3rd trimester, and two days ago i was suffering with what i thought was just bad cramps, they came and went for about an hour and a half, then finally stopped after a warm bath and paracetamol.

The same thing happened last night, but with a tightening feeling around my tummy, so i tried all the usual things, but the pain got unbearable, and i found myself in a ball, in tears. Nothing seemed to help.

Anyway, I called my midwife who said it would be best to go into hospital and get checked over (as i've had a few problems thus far in my pregnancy)
I got to see a doctor pretty much as soon as i arrived and they told me my baby is quite big, and had maneuvered himself into an awkward position (most likely an arm or a leg) and got stuck, which put pressure on my waters, causing contraction like pains. After a little while baby was moved manually, and the relief was unbelieveable.
They've assured me it's not premature labour, and there has been no damage done to me or my baby.

I was hoping someone could shed light on this for me as it never happened to me in my first pregnancy, and I cant seem to find anything on the internet that is relevant to my situation.
Is there a medical term for whats happened? or is it just me being a wuss and my baby being a fidget?

Thankyou Smile

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I experienced something similar with my middle baby. He layed in a transverse positon for weeks (across me with his head one side and bum the other). I suffered with awful pain during the pregnancy and backache that had me in tears. One day I had terrible pain, not just braxton hicks but full on contractions. I couldn't sit or lay down, I was at my nan's house and I couldn't drive home because the pains were so strong and frequent that I wasn't able to sit in my car still enough to drive. Anyway I put up with it for a couple of hours until it eased off and I drove home. The next day I was booked with the midwife anyway and she said it was my body contracting to try and move the baby as he was in a bad position. I was around 7 months pregnant at this stage. It did continue to be a very achey/painy pregnancy and definately the most uncomfortable of my three, but he got into the right position himself about three weeks before he was born; and although I thought I'd have hm early with all the pains I'd had he was 3 days late!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
That sounds exactly like what happened with me!

Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will fly by without too many complications Very happy
Thankyou for putting my mind at rest. And im glad everything turned out well for you Smile

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