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Birth Stories of JP members

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
i must warn you it's long Love
1st August 2006 - false alarm
was admitted to hospital following a bleed as due to family medical history (blood condition)they decided in needed to be observed - had slight contractions and back ache all night - sent home in the morning and told she could be here y the weekend - NOT LOL

17th August 2006- sweep

3 days overdue now and getting realy desperate as barry can only take certain time off and we were convinced she was coming 2 weeks ago Wink
MW does a sweep and books me in for induction on 25th August 2006
I am 2cm dilated and MW says likely to go mysef over the weekend - NOT LOL

23rd August 2006- fight with the hospital

2 days before induction and I get a phone call saying that because of my blood condition I am considered high risk and will not be inuced on a weekend - 3 nervous breakdowns and 4 boxes of hankies later we are seen by big, high up, important doctor who takes pity on me and says he is happy for the induction to go ahead and that he is on call anyway should there be any problems - DONT TELL ME THIS BABY IS ACTUALLY GOING TO ARRIVE!!!!!!!!!

25th August 2006 - 1st day of induction

taken in at 2pm to be given the prostin(sp) gel to start things off - not seen until 3pm, then given an internal where MW decides that my waters are just about to "pop" so I dont need the gel, gives me another sweep and I have a show.
MW says I will be in labour before the nights out - NOT LOL LOL

26th August 2006 - could it really happen today?

wakened at 6am as ward is really busy and given tea and toast (YUMMY!!) told that Barry will be phoned and taken to high risk ward for induction - waters are broken (no they didnt go themselves!) OMG weirdest feeling ever!! Hormone drip put in to start contractions at 6.50am - BANG first contraction 7am!!! noone told me it would happen that quick - OMG im in shock :shock: calm down and start my breathing - contractions not too bad actually ( Confused ) still no sign of barry, but that's ok as MW tells me that baby will not be here for a few hours yet - PHEW!
8.30am - """AAAARGH why is my husband NOT HERE!!!!!!!" they never phoned him so had a panic attack said i couldnt do it anymore i wanted to go home LOL given gas and air which kicks in just in time for barry to arrive at 9.10am! Really really want to push, but MW says it's just pressure on my bum, really feel the need to poo (TMI) but again just pressure on my bum Wink

MW eventually listens to me at 9.30 about wanting to push "just gonna have a wee look but i really dont think it's baby you can feel, it's too quick"....................
"ok marie next contraction I will be wanting you to push......" :shock: SHI!T ok then!!!

10am ish..heads crowning HOLY F*CK it's really sore - had morphine but it aint kicked in yet "you're doing great Marie, really well one more push.............STOP pushing"

I knew instantly something was wrong - they dont tell you to stop pushing - then she asked for the cord clamps "but barry's supposed to be cutting cord" - she had only just asked him a minute ago

cord's round the neck, out she comes.......nothing no cry, no movement nothing - having major palpatations now, breaking Barry's hand in the process, couldnt see a blooming thing - barry's telling me "she's ok i can see, she's ok i promise"

i dont know how long it was but it was the longest wait of my life - then she cried - the most perfect beautiful sound i have ever heard in my life - the sound i had been waiting on Very happy Very happy Very happy

OMG she's here, she's beautiful, yep 10 fingers, 10 toes - OMG what alot of hair LOL - first glance she looks like her Daddy, 7lb 14oz, 21 inches long - perfect !!

dont remember much of the next 2 or 3 hours - mega spaced out but i know i couldnt stop looking at her Very happy and look at her now - our little jellybean!!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
- My blog
aww its lovely to hear so many stories if you want to put your pics of just after they were born that would be nice to. just like glenny.
and in 9months time i may have another birth story to tell you all.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
hmmm, where to start....well while i was 9months pregnant i was sitting around my mums hospital bedside watching her pass away so i had no time to think of myself i knew i was getting close to the due date the hospital had given me (which i also knew to be out by 2 weeks) i went to see the midwife on 13th of sept which was 2 days after i lost mum she suggested i have a sweep which i declined as i was trying to arrange a funeral and wanted to attend she wasnt pleased and didnt seem very "caring" she called the hospital who asked me to ring the week after so they could book me in for an induction. got through mums funeral with everyone telling my oh to keep a close eye on me incase the shock sent me into labour, well that day came and went with no hiccups and 4 days after i was due to ring into the hospital for my induction, i rang on the monday morning only to be told they were extremely short staffed and had no beds so could i ring on the tues ( i breathed a sigh of relief at this point because i didnt want to be induced) monday evening i was quite happily lying on the floor of my dads house bashing the buttons on my psp Very happy when i felt a slight "belly ache" i thought nothing of it, just went and sat on the toilet for a while which seemed to take it away (this was at 9pm) this "ache" seemed to get worse but each time i sat on the toilet it relieved it, it got to the stage where i had to crawl to the toilet but i think i was in denial about what was happening, i called the midwife because by this time my dad started panicing only to be told to "take 2 paracetomol and get some sleep" Crying i followed their "advice" only to throw the paracetomol back up again within 10 minutes, i carried on gettin on and off the toilet to relieve the pain but after 3 hours 45 mins i had to call the midwife back only to be told that i better go in to be examined but to expect to be sent away again...all this at quarter past 12 at night, my dad drove me to the hospital (catching every single red light on the way) we finally arrived at the hopsital at 1am by which time i wanted to push, i couldnt get out of the car but the midwife was telling me i was ok to walk!!!! Angry i could have just curled up and cried. they got a wheel chair for me and took me up to the delivery suite but i could feel that i was a burden on these people and i hated that feeling, the midwife even said that she was dealing with another lady in another room and had to leave her because of me!!!! well within 40mins of me arriving at the hospital i gave birth to my daughter weighing 6LB 4OZ it was a very quick labour but the staff were not very helpful because they were shirt staffed and it just felf wrong Confused well theres my waffle

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Hi im new to this site so im gunna tell you about my births my first morgan-lily{5yrs} was hard as i was only 16yrs old Tounge Out but i did really well and after 2.5hours of pushing she was out weighing 7lb 15oz i fell pregnant an had a planned home birth which was fab i loved every min of it and alfie was bornweighing 8lb 14oz only 4 wks later i fell pregnant again Cuckoo but the pregnancy went well but when i reached 32wks my waters went on morgan-lilys 4th birthday but the hospital kept me in and sent me home 2 days later then at 35wks i went into labour and his heartbeat went so i was rushed for a emergency c section and rylie was born weighing 5lb 4oz but he was doing really well and we was let home after 5days then 18mths later i was pregnant again and again my pregnancy was gr8 and at 40 wks i was induced and nothing was happening so they advised a c section i wasnt happy but oh well it all went ok and tommie was born weighing 7lb 10oz after 3days we was allowed home and then 2weeks later i was admitted again due to a heamotoma so i went under a general and had it removed after 5days i was allowed home so ive had every birth you can imagine and my best was the HOMEBIRTH my children are morgan-lily 5yrs alfie 2.5yrs rylie 19mths and tommie 4weeks Very happy Very happy Very happy

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
ok here we go ,, i was due on the 27th of october 2007 midwife warned me that i might be late as the babys head was not engaged sure enough i went over my due date and we got into november and no sign of the baby went and saw my midwife on the monday 9 days late she felt my belly said babys head was not engaged and was obleek i was like o great she rang the home and they told me to go in for induction the next days november 6th ,,,, spent most of tuesday day panicing and crying scared of the unknown ,,, turned up for induction at 7pm on 6th of november was put on the monitor an given a pesery 2 try get me in labour head was stil not engaged ,,, mum went home at 10pm left me and joe to settle down for the night we played uno lol and chatted joe even had a bath talk about making your self at home ,, early hours of wednesday the 7th of november i had like period pains couldnt sleep or settle so i just mooched around the room trying to be quiet so joe could sleep couldnt wait till the morning so i could go walking around the hospital in the morning i got another pesery

,, mum came back about dinner time and joes dad came up to was getting pains about every 15mins but i could walked through them and we went for something to eat in the hospital cafe ,,,went back up to the room for dinner didnt really eat anything just wanted to keep walking through the pains,,got checked and i was 3/4cm pains were getting worse now but i could still walk through them so we went back down for a cofee couldnt really sit down though beacuse of the pains so just kept walking around in the end i gave in and said lets go back to the room i sat outside for a while and got upset coz i was soo scared ,, back in the room back on the monitor and about 5pm had my waters broke that was it then i was walking like there was no tomorro lol pains were coming every 5 mins all i wanted to do was walk walk walk didnt want anything else just wanted to be left to walk i could feel myself going dizzy but all i thought was keep walking next time i was checked i was about 7cm i had to lots of pain killers an codine but i new that i was going to need something stronger to get me through had to go on the monitor for like a hour because they couldnt get a trace of the baby i had to sit through a million contrations lol and hated it cried through my contrations joe an mum helpt me through got to 8cm and started on the gas and air omg what amazing stuff i became the drunk friendly girl lol with the gas and air kept telling my mum it was great and she should have some lol all abit on a blur now i had to have a drip put in they couldnt find a vein an they made a right mess of my arm i dont remember it though as i was high on me gas and air they tryed to get a clip on babys head to monitor her anyway it got to about 10 15pm and it was time to push had to have 2 cuts then they tired 2 times to get her out with a vontoose but failed both times cut all her head bless her finally they got the forceps as they pulled and i pushed the head appeared i couldnt see it but joe and mum were both looking then at 10 53pm on 7th november 2007 paige-lily-may was born and laid on my chest i siad something like O PAIGE lol we went home early afternoon on thrusday with our pink little bundle

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
xmas eve: had an appointment with consultant to discuss how long im allowed to go over and what will happen. mam came with me as lee couldnt get day off, (unless i was in labour or had already had baby)
she decides to give me an internal, and maybe a sweep.

as soon as she starts internal i could see in her face there was somt, she asks if ive been having any pains i say no. apparently im 80% effaced and 2-3cms dilated.
so i spend the day at my parents just waiting for somt to happen.

at about 3pm i start to get twinges in my back. by 5pm theyre in back and stomach every 10mins or so but not 2 painful. by 7ish, theyre more painful and every 2-5mins. so i rng labour ward, as i had been told with being a previous section to go in asap. however midwife told me to take some parecetamol and hang on as long as i can. so at about 8 i got lee to take me home so i could relax.

i got home ran a bath, but i could only bear it for 5mins, i got out n told lee to ring labour ward again say were on the way.

got to hospital about 9:30-10ish. midwife examined me, still only 3cms dilated. normally i would have been put on another ward and lee sent home as i wasnt in active labour, but contractions were every 2mins nd quite strong so she let us stay. at about 11:30 she gave me a shot of pethedine. things went ok, contactions came every 5 then 2 mins and continued that way. had another examination about 2am, only 4cms. by 4am, lee was asleep on the floor so i asked to have a bath as the pool wasnt available to me. i was in there about an hour dozing and contracting.

at 5am ish i got out of bath midwife asked to do another examination, her voice woke lee up he was oblivious to fact id been gone an hour. im 5cms and in established labour woo hoo at last. im put on monitor given another shot of pethedine and the next few hours are a blur.

at about 8am midwife comes to end of her shift so does another examination to see if she can hang on to deliver but although im 10cms babys not far enogh down so she hands over to new midwife.

by 8:30 im ready to push using the gas and air. i remember asking her to help as waters still havent gone, so she breaks my waters, she told lee membrane was v thick and i may not have broke them myself. i just remember the feeling of releif.

i remember thinking i wanted to smack midwife coz she kept saying his head would be out soon, it felt like shed been sying it for hours. i also remember asing her to do it, to pull him out. i gave up on gas and air, i hated it, just dried my mouth out. tho i did bite on the mouthpeice and grabbed on lees arm.

i got head out then i remember feeling him wriggling, and me asking what hes doing whys he going back in. lee said he was tryin to turn. and then it came hayden j was born at 9:07am 25th december 2007. boy did that feel good.

wow that was quite long x

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
right well kyle was 4 days early,
i woke up a couple times with back pain thinkin it was just the way i was lyin so i didnt bother tellin rich and he went to work at 9am as normal.
i woke with kieran at half nine and i kept gettin back pains comin and goin every so often, it made me think are theses contractions? Suspect so i rang my mum sayin for her to come over and watch kieran as i couldnt handle him when they got strong, i texted rich to let him know that i might be in labour and to wait for me to ring him if things got worse. at 1oclock i had my show so i thought i would ring the midwife and ask if i can go down to be seen as i was confused on what was goin on as i didnt have contractions with kieran. they asked me to wait a bit longer as i didnt need any gas and air but i said i would feel better if i came down as kierans birth was quick and didnt need any gas and air on the last hour, rich werent gonna come but he had my green notes so he did and that was lucky because even tho i only planned on goin to be seen i ended up stayin as i was 4cm dilated, i thought it was much more painful as they wouldnt let me have much gas and air only when i had a contraction lol but it werent long at all until i was pushin. my waters broke and i was pushin him out, again i hated it as i could only push him out when i had a contraction but with kieran i pushed him right out when i felt like it. i was cryin my eyes out in shock and it took me a good while to get round that i just gave birth early, he was born at 4:45pm weighin 7lbs 12oz lol kyle was ment to be due today Smile

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
It would have been 4 days before my due date, the thursday morning and it felt like i'd wet myself lol Embarassed , not thinking anymore about it i went for a routine midwives appointment and didn't mention anything. That night i was having very strong BH still not thinking anything much about it, went to bed as normal. 3am Friday morning i was up and down like a yoyo with contractions 'yes i knew it was happening now!' eventually i thought enough was enough at 7am, had enough suffering on my own. went and woke DH up and told him "not going to work im in labour oh and i think my waters went yesterday!" the shock on his face, it was a picture. Rang delivery suite at hosiptal, they told me to go straight up, after examination i was only 2cm, and i was right my back waters had gone but front still intact, i knew i was in for the long haughl! I wasn't aloud to go home because of my waters so me and DH must have walked miles round the hospital! About 5pm i decided to opt for a little pain relief, still only at 4cm it had gone on that long. At about 11:30pm i had moved on a little quicker upto 8cm by this time they eventually decided to break my front water, half an hour later 12 midnight i was ready to push. If only they had broke rest of my waters in the first place! A hole 53mins of pushing our beautifull baby girl chloe arrived at 12.53 am weighing 6lb 12 1/2 oz. 2nd September 2006! phew it was a hell of a long time, very tired but well worth. Baby Very happy Very happy Love

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Hi, Well mine started with going to hospital after going over my due date, they iduced me at 9days over my date. I had the gel put in at 6pm on the saturday i was soooo excited as i started contractions within about 15min of the gel been put in. After a examination midwife said it would definatley not be happening tonight so my husband went home.

Went all way through the night wiv my contraction but i never understood them i was getting about 4 every min. In the morning i had another examination which i thought they would be sending me down as id be about 7cm hahah was i! NO i was only 3cm and it stayed that way pretty much all saturday.

Pains were getting stronger on sunday afternoon and i got examined again (that seemed to be all i had done - internals) she said i could go down to the ward. thats when my nerves set it especially when i was going to the labour ward and the midwife said just think the next time you cum through these door you will have a baby in your arms. I was so scared. I got rigged upto the machines and my water got broken. As time went on the contraction wernt regular enought so i was put on a drip. the drip was increased 5 times i was in agony and tierd gavin was a star he was watching my monitor and telling me when to breath in my gas and air. It came to 11pm on sunday an i was shatered no sooner was i getting rid of a contraction id be getting another. I seemed to fall in and out of sleep. When i opened my eyes i was surrounded by midwifes (about 4), a doctor and a anethatist. Ellies heartbeat had dropped down to 50 and they were going to send me down for a c section. I had an internal again the midewife said i was only 7cm. I laugh about it now but the last thing i remeber about my contractions is saying I NEED A POO. i had the midwives saying not to push but i had the overwhelming urge to push. And with one push i had gavin crying saying i can see its head go on love. they had to cut me and then in 2 more pushes she was here.I wish i was more alert then as ellie was put on my breasts and i fell asleep i woke up a few mins later to find i had her 1st poop all over my hand which i nearly put on my face as i brushed my hair back (with been hot my hair looked like id stuck my fingers in a plug socket). Oh wat a pretty site i must hav looked. I looked down to see gavin cutting the cord and then we found out she was a girl. I had a little princess. I wouldn't say it was a bad labour just tiring but sooooooooooo worth it now i have this beautful smiling face waking up to greet me every morning and theres not a feeling like it. Ellie was born on Monday morning 00:19 i was induced on Saturday

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Ethan Thomas Wheeldon
Born: Friday 1st September 2006
Time: 4:50am
Weight: 7lb 15oz Length: 52cms

why are birth plans invented as i have never known one actually go to plan! mine included no drugs,and a relaxing waterbirth with my music and some soft lighting.... how far from it could it get!!!
i went to bed pretty early feeling quite sick,leaving my chinese thinking id been poisoned.i was tossing and turning all night with the shakes and feeling really sick.then at about 1am i woke to go toilet,as i rolled over i dribbled - great id peed the bed! then i stood up and my waters just gushed! i helled my PJs legs up (why i dont know!) an round round the other side of the bed to turn the light on and wake kev up,who in panic just told me to get in the bath - not knowing wot to do myself...i ran down stairs (well hopped as i was trying to stop my waters going everywhere) and i just stood in the bath! i then sat on the toilet whilst kev foned the hospital then my mum then wanted talk to me which by this point i was crying as i was having no contractions and i was begging for pain - my mum was laughing at me sayin i was daft for wishing pain upon myself! mum an dad then arrived about 2am to take me to hospital,which,because my waters were green,i had to go to the Labour Ward (which is not a nice place to go!) rather than the CMU (the place id hoped to go to!)
i was then hooked up onto a machine,to find that ethan was in distress,they monitored me for 15mins,by this time i was having quite strong contractions (but bearable as i have a strong pain threshold lol!) then i was given an internal to be told i hadnt dilated at all! they then sed they would monitor me for another 15mins,if i dont progress then they would consider other options.just as my MW left the room,ethans heart rapidly dropped to 74,then to 46 then stopped! kev ran outta the room,got a nurse who told my mum to push the emergency button on the wall,before i knew it an alarm was going off an there was about 12 people in my room! i was stabbed with needles,had some sexy stockings put on and and a sexy robe! i remember askin for a wee,only they wouldnt let me,i was constantly asking for the loo but this woman kept tellin me i couldnt go,i remember grabbing her shirt and pullin her towards me saying 'I NEED A F**KING WEE' when my midwife said,'i think you had better let her go!' and what releif when i did! as soon as i got back from the loo they decided to take me for a c-section before i could say anythin more!
at 4:50am on 1st September 2006 Ethan was born! Although knowing Ethan was safe,i was upset as i wasnt aloud to hold him! i was hysterical,had the real bad shakes from the spinal and i wasnt allowed to touch my baby - i just kept sayin he wont love me!
I was then stitched up and wheeled onto the recovery ward,where finally,someone asked me if i wanted to hold my son - well duh!!
So,even tho the birth of my son was pretty awful... its the best thing iv ever done,and id do it again tomorrow!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
- My blog
il add tobys birth story on as soon as i get a few mins. xxxx i promise

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
- My blog
ok guys heres tobys birth story!!
Born:- 20th June 2008
Time:- 7.23am
Weight:- 8lb 12oz

the day before chris was off work ill so i was nursing him aswell as tidying the flat. then later that evening when i went shopping i was getting some pressure but didnt take any notice of it. then at 3.05am fri morning i had a weird (sorry if TMI) feeling like i had lost a load of discharge or something. when i got onto all 4s to get off the bed i felt water going down my legs and me being me i thought i'd wet myself lol until i stood up and it all came out. i waddled to the loo ad shouted for chris, he came running and told me to call mum. but i didnt have any pains my contractions hadnt started so i still wasnt sure if it was my waters or not. when i rang the hospital they told me to stay at home until i felt pressure in my bottom. we left it until roughly half 5 when i was getting 2contractions in 5mins then called for an ambulance. mum came with me in the ambulance but chris had to get the bus (at the time we didnt know how long the bus was gonna take). the ambulance turned up at 5.45am we got to the hospital at about 6.25am. the midwife came in and examined me. i was 6cm already. my contractions where coming every min n half really strong. then at 7am chris arrived. 7.10am my pelvis and pubic bone had got too unbearable so i asked for pethidine that was given to me at 7.15am. but it was too late coz by 7.18am i was ready to start pushing well i say start, i was pushing lol. then at 7.23am weighing 8lb 12oz lil Toby was born. he took 1min to resusitate (spellin) himself. labour was 4hrs from waters breaking with 5mins pushing no problems.
we were very lucky there was no traffic otherwise chris would have missed it.
me 2hrs into labour
toby 2mins after he was born

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
My birth story for the twins...

Warning this will be quick...

On the 25th January 2008 i was booked in to be induced but due to the fact that when i got there i was 4cm's dilated with no contractions they decided to just break my waters. 20mins later contractions were coming thick and fast so i got put on a bp monitor 40mins later they said i needed to have a blood test and just as they were ghoing to put the needle in i shouted no im gonna push so i pushed and with 1 push baby 1 came out (teleah) and another 5mins later baby 2 came (meleah) all with n o pain relief what so ever, the midwives were amazed at a total including after birth of 1hr 7mins of labour that was the quickest birth they had seen even for a single birth. They didnt even have time to get the pediatricians who were supposedf to be there.

Alisa's story

On the morning of 29th January 2006 the day before my due date my hubby went to tesco's and i stayed at home getting ready to go help my dad at his football club. I went to the toilet and felt my waters break. So got on the phone to my hubby and he said he'll be about 30mins so call the hospital. rang the hospital and they said in two hrs come in as i had had no signs of contractions. 2hrs later we went to delivery ward only to be told i was 7cm's dilated. half an hour later i was having fast but mild contractions which continued for a further 2hrs at 2hrs was told i was almost 10cm's and that i should push when i felt the need which was about 10seconds later so i pushed and out came the baby so in total including after birth it lasted under 4hrs.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
- My blog
Crystal Birth

Crystal was due on the 24th June 2006; I was studying childcare and education at college and was in my 2nd of three years. So falling pregnant at the time I did was perfect timing as we were due to break up for the summer holidays when I was due to have crystal, although it wasn’t planned like this. I had an undiagnosed pregnancy until I was 7 ½ months gone. Mum, dad and me were getting ready to go out to my friend’s 21st party and when I put my top on, mum said I looked pregnant. I was like I cant be I haven’t had sex in 8months as me and my partner had split up and I hadn’t missed a period, following day I went to college and mum went and got a pregnancy test so when I got home I took it and it was positive, went to the doctors who confirmed I was probably around 7/8 months. The doctor said she would get a midwife to contact me.
A few days later the midwife still hadn’t been in touch so mum rang the hospital who took my details and as I was under 18 (just) I was put with the under 18’s team of 3 midwifes. I was booked in for a scan on 22nd may (my brothers birthday) and was given my due date of 24th June.
College had to give me a risk assessment and I was told I could continue to go to college but couldn’t attend my placement due to hazards I may come across.
Saturday 24th came and went with no signs of baby arriving.
Monday 26th I went into college to do coursework so that I didn’t fall behind, the tutors were checking up on me in case I went into labour but still nothing. Monday evening I felt the urge to go toilet but was sat there for ages and nothing was happening, I couldn’t tell my mum as my brother was in the room so had to wait for him to go. Mum told me to write down the times I was getting cramps and how long they were lasting. When they started getting nearer to each other I had a bath and then we went to the hospital who did an examination and told me to go home, get some sleep blah blah blah you know how it goes.
Tuesday they were still sharp short pains, and I went back to the hospital that sent me home again. Later I was there again this time after examining me they decided I could stay in and hook me up to a TENS machine, which I didn’t like so took off. I cant remember exactly what time labour started, but I was given gas and air and went walking round and round the ward, refusing to take the gas and air canister with me on its trolley. When I tried the gas and air it made me feel too spaced out so I went without and other pain relief throughout the rest of labour and birth. I was asked if I wanted to go in the birthing pool as I was already in the labour room where this was available.
After going into the birthing pool, crystal was still showing no signs of arriving at any time soon and my contractions stopped as my energy levels were too low, I was awake for 36hrs with contractions and labour etc. my mum had to feed me jaffa cakes and coke to bring my levels back up to continue.
After lots of pushing while sat on the birthing stool (the toilet seat looking thing) I remember my mum and the midwife telling me I could shout, swear scream etc if I wanted to but I never had the energy to. People were in the birthing room next door and I could hear them giving birth, three people used the room in the time I had crystal.

Crystal was finally born at 7.21am Wednesday 28th June 2006.

Since then my partner and me have got back together and moved in with each other in December 2006 Shocked

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I cheated and copied this from my blog Razz


ok my little spill (while i have a quick moment)
Tuesday 1st July i woke early for my antenatal appointment and was feeling fine had a buisy day as you would have read in my blog....

Tuesday night 8:30pm i thought i had a tummy ache as i had eaten Mexican food the night before as i had made it myself i didnt make it spicy but i thought i just had a tummy ache because i had eaten to much????
DH and DS were in bed by 8pm so i decided to watch some TV for a little while but my tummy ache wouldnt budge it just got worse...
I lay down on the ;lounge for a while then i realised i couldnt sit,stand etc still for more than a few minutes then i began feeling sick.
10pm i woke Justin and told him i didnt feel well and my tummy pains were 5 minutes apart so we rang the hospital they told me to get down there ASAP
So we threw all of our bags into the car rugged up our sleepy little man and dropped him of at my parents house at 11pm.
We arrived at the hospital by 11:30pm and i got seen to straight away they examined me with in minutes to discover i was already 6 1/2-7cm dialated
I was in shock as up untill then the pain had been bareable but all of a sudden i just wanted a c-section and i was scared out of my mind the midwife told me it was impossible for me to be preped for a c-section as i was going to have this baby "very soon"
15-20 minutes later i was up in the delivery suit fully dialated with my midwife telling me what a brave girl i am and how fantastic i was doing as i had gotten to the end minus the drugs (WTF)i didnt know what she really meant was in 1 hour you will be holding your son!!!!!!!
All of a sudden at 1:15 while i am still screaming for an f n epidural.(I had at this stage been in the delivery suit for nearly 45 minutes)i felt an urge to push so my midwife burst my waters and said if you want to push then just do it but make them big long hard pushes as the babys heart rate is dropping dramaticly they used a vuntuse(sp) then removed it and after 4 pushes my little boy came out pale,cord around his neck but breathing and ok They had to whisk him away as he had been in distress but they assured me he was going to be fine i didnt see him for the next 4 hours as he was in nicu but as soon as he was ok i took him to my room.
My gyno later told me i went into shock and so had my little man as the birth happened so fast.My "tummy ache"turned out to be labour but all up it was 5 hours and 5 minutes and only 2 of those hours were at the hospital lol.
I had a little cut(episiotomy) as when he got distressed they wanted me to push hard and fast without doing any damage so i had 1 stitch i was walking around within hours and i discharged my self a few days early as i was feeling really well (and still am)we are enjoying our new little son and are still in awe over him i finally feel complete and in love all over again with my family and my life in general lol.
Im sure there will be plenty more stories to come as my little boys get them selfs into mischeif and mayhem lol.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
After trying for a baby on & off for 6 years (endometriosis) It was still a surprise when the test was positive!
Pregnancy went fine, then 4 days over, my water broke as I rolled over in bed ready to go to sleep!

I called the hospital as my mind went blank as to what I was meant to do! Then, was told to come up in an hour or so, no rush. Had a shower, tea etc, now it was 5 or 6am, drove to hospital. Got examined- the nurse was all blonde & gorgeous & I was trying to tell her when I take my knickers off it will all gush over the floor but she was very insistant I must be examined to see if my waters had actually broke. Yes they had! Then was the horrible internal bit (ouch!)

Then I was put in a room, and had my TENS on. Sniffing Clary Sage oil & putting rescue remedy on my tongue! I had a heat pad on but an older midwife told me off as I was making the baby too warm.
Next about an hour later after lots of bad period like pains, another midwife did an internal & i was 2cm.

Then my mum arrived, and could see I was getting close as the contractions were very painful & close. Then I had a bath run for me, but I could not stand up straight as the pain was crippling. Got wheeled to the bath but couldn't fit in it!
Then my good old mum called the midwife to say she was getting worried as I was a quick birth for her, so the birthing pool was filled & I was took in there.

I was given gas air as they tried to find the baby's heart beat. Luckily they did & I wobbly went down the steps into the lovely warm pool.
I would def recommend the pool, as it was SO soothing & helped me alot as did the gas & air. I suffered for yrs with period pains & labour pains were similar & a hot water bottle/bath always helped then, so the pool kept at a temp of 38degrees helped me with contractions.

1 hour later my daughter popped out just like a fish! I remember screaming & drinking SO much water (2 big jugfuls) thru a straw whilst it was going on. But i would still recommend it.

I can remember the umbilical cord all wrapped around my legs which was horrible & of course it was hard for the midwives to check me & the babys progress, but I tilted when the asked & I had the most immense urge to push, so I did & obviously tore, which I didnt want to, but nothing can be done & she did weigh 8Ib 5oz!
Then after holding her on my chest, I got out & had the injection to get the placenta out, which was HUGE and horrible! but I couldnt really feel it coming out (a bit like a tampon coming out feeling!!)then she was weighed & wrapped up in about 5 towells!
Tea & toast
Stitching YUCK
Having to wee --- very painful.

Breast feed- wonderful!!!

I took Arnica to heal quicker & rescue remedy again.

I went home the following day 1pm. I had her at 11am the day before, but lost a bit of blood so stayed in.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Not a good outcome
I went to the midwife for a regular check up at 29 weeks and she was not happy with my blood pressure so she sent me up to assessment suite, there my blood pressure was fine but my bloods were not good, my liver function was really bad. I was admitted to hospital much to my terror to apparently be monitored, at 9pm the midwife came into see me to give me steroid injections, i was like "hello" what are these for as i was not told anything what was happening. Midwife explained that they were planning for delivering in the morning due to my health concerns.
The next morning the consultant came to see me and i was ready for her, i put up a very strong argument for not delivering my baby at that time, i was feeling physiclaly very fine emotionally i was a bit of a wreck so she let me go home as long as i promised to go into day care every couple of days.
This carried on until i was 36/6 and i went in for an induction.
I was admitted on the Tuesday afternoon and given my first pessary, second one twelve hours later and another one twelve hours later again.
On the Wednesday evening i was ready to go to the labour suite however there were no midwives available but there was a bed, eventually at 1 am on the Thursday morning they asked me to go to bed and i would be taken down at 7am on the Thursday morning.
I opted to have an epidural due to the induction as i was not allowed out the bed, have to say so glad i did Smile
Labour was okay, BP dropped into my boots, had to have fluids pushed, for breakfast, lunch & dinner all i got was a ranitidine & a few sips of water. I slept on and off throughout the day while hubbie and mum came and went for there meals. I remember there being loads of different people coming ang going throughout the day at one point a junior doctor asked to come in for a while and i was jsut thought well why not whats another pair of eyes Very happy At around 5pm and started being very sick and had spiked a temp, midwife gave me paracetamol for temp little did i know my body was letting me know something was up!!
At 8.45 pm i started pushing and my beautiful girl Sophie Elizabeth was born @ 9.18 pm weighing 5 pounds 11oz. She hardly let out a whimper. The midwives were not ready at all i got injection to deliver the placenta once Sophie was out and was placed on my chest, i never even felt the placenta come out. I was very lucky i didnt need any stitches i had a little graze and boy did that sting later.
We were transferred to the ward at midnight after and discharged home on the Friday @ 5pm.
Sophie was not feeding well and i had mentioned this but was told she was a mucusy baby nad just had to keep pushing. On the Friday night @ 9pm i called the hospital again still she hadnt fed at all since coming home, i was told again to let her sleep and just try again, hubbie and i bathed Sophie to try and wake her a little. Both our parents and brothers were in so i went for a bath and a little snooze,this is when my nightmare began hubbie went down to get bottles for through the night and i heard what sounding like choking, when i looked at Sophie she wasnt breathing, i gave her mouth to mouth and she started again, i was screaming at my husband to phone an ambulance but the poor soul froze, i ran to get phone and ambulance came. unfortunately my little angel past away the following morning in Yorkhill hospital from a Group B Strep. infection which was not picked up.
The days following this were just like a nightmare, seven months on now and not a day goes by i dont think about Sophie and how it should have been so different.
Next time it will be different i know better and i am very well informed on Group B Strep now.
I am pleased to say that hubbie and i are expecting again.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Ok, i suppose i should begin at the beginning with DD and will follow with DS later, apologies in advance for the length.
Ok here goes. . . I had a fairly straightforward pregnancy, fairly bad morning sickness at the start, then the normal aches and pains. At 34weeks i had to have a GTT as they had found sugar in my urine on 2 consecutive occaisions. This came back negative and it was determined i wasn't drinking enough and therefor my kidney's were starting to struggle - so more water for me!
3 days past my due date i woke at 2am to go to the loo (again), when i got back in to bed i had a pain in my tummy but thought it way just be a slight cramp, 5min later i had another one, and again another 5min. Woohoo, exciting. By this time i had realised they were prob contractions and decided to read my book for a while in the front room do as not to disturb DF for a while, as i was far to excited to sleep (big mistake!) At 4am the contractions were still around 5min apart but felt a bit stronger and i was starting to think maybe it was going to be quicker than i thought. I woke DF up and told him i was prob in the early stages of labour and to try and get some more rest but i may need him in a bit? He jumped straight out of bed like a headless chicken and got washed and dressed? lol. While this was happening i rang my mum and dad who live 4hrs away. I was hoping they would make it to the birth as i wanted my mum in with me, luckily her work had been fab and she just had to ring them when i went into labour to say she wouldn't be in. They left at arounf 6am and got to me around 10.30am. I also rang the midwifes who said to ring again when the contractions were more painful and they would come out and assess me. By the time mum and dad arived the contractions had slowed off? i was starting to think it may have been a false alarm. Sad Face so we started opening the christmas pressies mum and dad had saved to bring down for when i had the baby as they couldn't get here for christmas (was the 9th Jan) I should have gone and got some sleep really but you just don't think klike that at the time. Around 5pm the contractions started getting stronger again and mum and dad left to go and get everyone a take-away for tea. While they were gone my waters broke everywhere Unsure and when they got back i was a leaking mess Embarassed . I had my tea (which i managed to throw back up again 5min later) then we rang the midwifes again and they said they would send amidwife out for assessment. She arrived at 10pm and did the ususal checks. Everything looked fine, i was 4-5cm dilated and she said as i was coping fine and all was looking good i could try for a home birth if i wanted. DF wasn't happy about that though as he wanted me to go to hospital (good call as it happens) anyway she said i could stay at home as long as i could manage and to ring if and when i wanted her to come back out to me. She said to have a warm bath to help with the contractions. Mum and dad went to a cottage they were going to be staying at for the week to try and get some rest and said for us to ring when we wanted them back. Well i coped until 4am and then felt i was starting to struggle and i was knackered. We rang mum and dad and asked them to come back and rang the midwifes and said i was coming in and to get the pool ready for us (i wanted a water birth) we arrived at the hospital at around 6am and while the midwife ran the pool and did some checks mum and dad went to get a coffee. After determining i was still 4-5cm dilated Upset the midwife thought there may also have been some meconium (baby poo) so she said she wanted to put me on a monitor for 1/2hr to check the baby. well when she came back she wasn't very happy with the trace. Baby wasn't responding to the contractions as much as they would like so she called the consultant to have a look. Her shift ended then and a new midwife took over too. The consultant decided a Fetal Blood Sample was needed (very uncomfortable procedure) they got the sample and went to get a result but they couldn't read it. in all they tried 4 times to get a result but their machine wasn't working. Mad The consultant decided a emergency c-section was the way to go incase the baby was in distress and i was prepared for theatre straight away. By the time mum and dad got back to my room i was in theatre having my spinal block done and nobody could tell them what had happened. Well after 4 attempts at that i was finally ready. The doctor made the first incision just as someone came back with the result of the 4th blood sample they had taken and sent to the other side of the hospital for a result. The baby wasn't in distress (too late now!) Well 2mins later 8lb 81/2oz baby Lauren was born at 9.42am. I was knackered and just needed some sleep. I was taken to recovery while mike got Lauren dressed and informed my parents they had a granddaughter. I was then wheeled to the ward where i was for 5days. I also managed to get a wound infection and they found i carry GBS and put Lauren on antibiotics to be on the safe side. Still 5days later i had my beautiful daughter at home with me and was on the road to recovery! I did say never again at that point, but as you all know baby jake was born 2 yrs later! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Ok here goes with baby no.2 my beautiful DS.

The pregnancy again was fairly uncomplicated, again morning sickness, and they were also a bit worried about the size as i was measuring small for dates, as lauren had been a good size this was unexpected. No problem with glucose this time though? Must have been drinking enough this time? Very happy
I was determined to try for a VBAC so 4days past my due date, as with laurens labour i was woken at around 2am with mild contractions around 7-10min apart. I tried to stay in bed and rest for as long as possible as i knew i was prob in for the long hall but after around 40min i just couldn't get comfortable in bed and had to get nup. I woke DF up and told him i was having mild contractions and we decided i should ring mum and dad so they were definitely here in time to look after Lauren for us (they live 4hours away as i have said in above post) Mum and dad already had a case packed and got straight up and dressed and were on their way Love. They arrived at around 7am. The contractions slowly started increasing in strength and length and by 12pm were starting to hurt a fair bit (i did have my tens machine on though) by 1pm i was starting to think i should ring a midwife, (I had held off until now as i knew they would want to monitor me a lot more and i hate hospitals and wanted to be sure it was definitely labour before i went in) By 2pm mum told me i really should ring them and let them no what was happening. I rang at around 2.15pm and was told they would send a midwife out to assess me incase it wasn't labour at all? (i knew it was!) The midwife then rang and told me she was just finishing up with someone else and would be here around 3pm. When she arrived she said i didn't really look like i was in much pain and said she would be surprised if i was in labour? However she took my blood pressure and did an internal and the look on her face was a picture. I was 7cm Shocked She told me it was definitely labour and i had a huge bag of forewaters. She said once they went she thought things would happen quite fast and i should go to the hospital now to be monitored and to have antibiotics (for the GBS). DF then started to panic! he got everything ready while the midwife rang the hospital to tell them we would be coming in and nearly left without me? Wink Well mum and dad wished me luck and waved us off with Lauren. we pulled out of our road straight behind a tractor? He was in front of us all the way there going around 2mile an hour. DF was panicking lol and all i was worried about was that my waters were going to break all over the car which we were in the middle of selling? However we arrived without any incidents and i walked down to the labour ward. The midwife set up an IV for the antibiotics and put me on a monitor. I was there like that for 4hours all looked fine. Then the midwife came back and said she wanted to check me again so she did and i was still 7cm? So she said she would break my waters but as the baby's head was still quite high she asked a doctor to do it instead. The doctor came and broke my waters at around 9pm and there was meconium. This made me start to panic as i was so scared things were going to happen like last time. The doctor reassured me that it was old meconium though and was prob because i was past my DD and the baby was fine they could see on the monitor! Well he had calmed me down and said he would come back personally and deliver me if we wanted and to just tell a midwife. (was a lovely man) At this point my midwife went home and another one took over. She was lovely and i had seen her during my past birth so felt at ease. She told me the monitor was showing some early decelerations and to lie on my left side for a while. 2 contractions later they had stopped. The contractions also started to slow down a touch. I was on the gas and air by now and still had the tens machine on. The midwife asked if she could check me again as she thought i looked like i wanted to push and said not to be disappointed if things hadn't changed a lot as it hadn't been long since my last check. Well she did and i was 9.5cm!(Hooray Very happy ) All of a sudden i had to push so bad. Even in between contractions. The midwife rang the bell for another midwife to help and asked DF to get some baby clothes out as she didn't think it would be long. Well she was right i pushed for 10min and then at 10:25pm baby Jake arrived in one contraction. Head, shoulders, body all at once. This caught everyone by surprise! Well he was fine and weighed 7lb 10oz (good size as they were worried he would be tiny!) I had torn quite badly though as he was born so fast and had to have a lot of stitches which were very uncomfortable. Still by lunchtime the next day i was on my way home with my beautiful son! Love So pleased this time it had gone to plan! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Birth of Sophie Godfrey, 19th October 2008

Went in to the Royal Surrey Hospital for 8am. Got same room (Room A) as one when I’d been there thinking my waters might have broken! Lovely big size. Sally (midwife) was same as well. Must have been fate. Cervix still posterior and hard so she gave me Prostin at 9am after doing a stretch and sweep which was quite uncomfortable. Sat around and walked around hospital until I could be checked at 3.30pm. When checked, it had worked a bit and I was 1-2cm dilated so Sally did another stretch and sweep which was not uncomfortable at all and she could get 2 fingers in well and open up more. Then she broke my waters which was a really funny feeling, like wee running out and all warm. Mike was involved by opening the ‘crochet hook’ that she used to break the waters and also by pressing on the top of my cervix when she asked to get the waters to drain out by moving baby’s head.

By 4.30pm my contractions had started so they decided to leave me alone for another hour or so and see if I was dilating well on my own or would need Syntocinon. It turned out I was getting better and bigger contractions about 3 ½ minutes apart by then so they checked me again and left me to carry on. I ended up on the Entenox quite quickly as they got more painful each time I was internally checked and stretched a little more.

Mike took a note of contraction sizes on the Toco meter a number of times.

At 7.15pm Mike ate my lunch which he said was very nice ;-)

Had Pethidine injection early evening. Moved around quite a lot standing up for as many contractions as I could bear and then also getting on all fours on the bed hanging over the top of it using the gas and air too.

When I was at around 6-7cm it was really hurting and I asked for an epidural (which I swore blind I would NOT have under any circumstances - funny how pain changes your mind!). This was around 10 – 10.15pm. Anaesthetist was in theatre so they said he could be round in about an hour but 3 other ladies wanted epidurals too. They put a line into my left arm in preparation for epidural anyway.

Started really, really shouting during contractions and Mike said the midwife had come in a while before and brought her stool and was now sitting with me permanently and checked my cervix every ½ hour or so. I guess I was in transition asking where my man with the needle was!

Mike had been great telling me when the contractions were easing down by the monitor and holding my hand and letting me squeeze his (he was worried as I was bending my left wrist back a lot with the line in – got nice bruise from that and some swelling). Poor Mike said he suddenly realised how strong my grip was and how painful a thumb ring could be ;-) He said I was almost standing up on the bed a few times and was pushing hard with my feet, particularly the right one which is probably how I ended up with a swollen looking ankle and foot on that side.

My pain was very much at the front but then over about 3 contractions it went to the back and I really wanted to push. The midwife said I couldn’t yet but it was so very hard to hold in when the contractions came.

The anaesthetist arrived just after 11pm, shortly after I’d had another dose of Pethidine via the needle in my wrist so it went straight into the vein and was talking as calmly as anything to me about epidurals, risks, etc as I was screaming away and hanging over the bed – Mike said he obviously dealt with women giving birth so often it didn’t phase him at all despite the fact he was dealing with a wild banshee at the time. Quite the comedy sketch. They got me to lie on my left side and pull my legs up as high as I could and sprayed my back with something very cold ready to do the anaesthetic and the midwife said she would check one more time and did and I was just over 9cm dilated! She said it wasn’t worth doing the epidural. I asked for it again and the anaesthetist said it would not be worth it as it would take about 15 minutes to do and about 20 minutes to work and I’d have the baby by then. I agreed (much to Mike’s relief – he said afterwards he really didn’t want me to have one) to just go on and asked if I could push and the midwife said I could so I turned over onto my back, sat up as high as I could and pushed for all I was worth.

Sophie’s head crowned on first push and then with 2nd it was born. I was told to breathe through next contraction and looked down to see the cord was around her neck and she was quite grey/blue in colour. The midwife was just slipping the cord over her head and then said I could push again. Another 2 pushes and shoulders and body were out and she was put straight onto my chest and the midwife started to rub her quite hard telling her to breathe. She did try and few breaths then seemed to stop. I think Mike and I were in too much of a daze to really take that in. She called for another midwife and was about to cut the cord when I said Mike wanted to so she gave him the scissors and said to quickly cut it. The 2nd midwife took Sophie off to get her to breathe properly. She got 3 little breaths of Oxygen from a mask whilst they administered the anti-Pethidine injection to her and we heard our little girl cry from outside and she was brought back in perked up. She had a little bruise on her chest from resuscitation. She had an Apgar of 5 at 1 minute and 10 at 3 minutes. I had the injection and the placenta was delivered fine with one more contraction then Sophie was given back to me to breastfeed which she did at 11.40pm. She has a little birthmark on her right shoulder.

Sophie weighed 7lbs 14oz. I had a 1st degree tear but didn’t need stitches.

Had a shower whilst Mike held Sophie and then we were moved to the post natal ward for the night.

We came home the next day and have settled well into our little family life.

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