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Birth Stories of JP members

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
- My blog
hiya this is for anyone to put their birth stories on and share they wonderful big day. i will put mine on tomorrow. i look forward to reading your stories. xxxx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Here goes....

I had been booked in for an induction 2 days before my due date (was due 16th Nov 06) due to high blood pressure but I knew that I'd never make it that far!

My contractions started at 5am on the 11th Nov but were only mild and about 5 mins apart. I had to go to the hospital anyway that day and for BP and heart monitoring and typically as soon as I walked through the hospital door the contractions stopped. I think the midwife thought I was slighty mental! Anyway, s soon I I got home the contractions started again. This sounds odd, but I never really realated the contractions with the fact that veeery soon my baby would be here! I had chilli from the takeaway for supper and went to bed just before midnight. I got in bed turned over on to my huge support pillow and my waters broke with a loud pop and huge messy gush! The pop was so loud my DH heard it!

My contractions were then fast and furious and the hospital told us to come straight in. I'd always thought I'd want to try and cope on Gas and air alone but oooohhh noooooo. I bounced on a birth ball, had a tens machine, gallons of gas and air, after 5 hours begged for the epidural, which slowed my contractions, grrrrr! I was then given syntocinon to speed them along but developed a temperature so the had to give me 2 lots of antibiotics as a precaution.

At 11am 12th Nov they said if I didn't dilate to 10cms within 30mins I'd need an emergency caesarean. Ethan was also stuck in my pelvis pushing into my left hip so the epidural needed topping up twice. I hadn't dilated so they preped me for theatre, gave me diomorphene and more epidural wheeled me into theatre, examined me one last time and all of a sudden they said I'd got to 10cms and were going to do a forceps delivery immediately! Yikes!!! By this time I had mentally prepared myself for the caesarean!

They put the forceps round Ethan's head and I pushed once, then waited for the next contraction. They asked me to push again and I pushed so hard that the consultant had to catch Ethan as he came out with such force!

Ethan was born at 12:53 Sunday 12th November 2006 weighing 8lbs 15oz.

He was absolutely worth every second of pain and I'd do it all again tomorrow!

Looking forward to reading everyone's stories!


posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I posted both of these a while ago so I appologise to those who already have read it bt if not I thought I should Post them right here!

I thought I would share my pregnancy story and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
To set the scene I will tell you that at the age of 20 my husband(then my boyfriend) went to see my doctor to ask why we could not concieve,and why I was getting all moody and stressed out, they did a blood test and found I showed the signs of Polisystic overies,so my hormones were all ary,and as I am of the larger lady conceiving may now be difficult with out help.We took the news and went on our way.Now four years later I find that Im in town with my mum and she wants to know why i look so worried so I explain that I thought I might have somthing really wrong with me as I am leaking fluid from my breasts.( nieve I know)We discussed it a little further and Mum said I think you need to take a pregnancy test, I laugh at her saying "what for the doctor said I cant be with out help" but she made me anyway,of course it showed positive in seconds but i didnt belive it so I did another and then another.well I was in total shock but as it was the weekend I couldnt get confirmation so first thing monday I went to family planning,the nurse confirmed and after a slight feel of my tummy and the symptoms i had told her she said she thought I was about 4 months gone, I could not believe my ears, well then went to my doctor who gave me a check over and then said"how far did the nurse say......four oh no your not four" I breath with relief untill he says"Kelly you are about seven months!!"Imagine our suprise.
One week later we go for an ultrasound and the lady nearly keeled over with shock as she said "do you want the good news or the bad news" well of course we opted for the good and she told us that the heart rate was good and strong ,the bad was we couldnt get good pictures as there was to much fluid.Then she also added that she was glad I WAS lying down as the machine was reading I was 38 weeks and having an 11 pound baby!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH to be continued...............

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
this was part 2

Well were we, I had now gone from finding out I was pregnant to being 38 weeks in the space of a week! they rushed me into the midwife on duty and she gave me an internal, confirming the findings but then giving me my bounty pack and saying to go home and pack my bag as the head was engadged!!(could this get any more crazy).well Knowone could believe our story and people still do find it hard us included but the out come was that I went two weeks over the date they thought thank god! and then was induced which lead to my back waters breaking but nothing else so myself and the baby got an infection so that then lead to an emergancy section,at this piont we were so confused but there on the 30-11-01 was our baby boy,who weighed in at 9lbs14.5oz.He was amazing and his entry to this world was amazing,I cant quite believe it to this day and we are five years on now.
I hear you ask "How didnt you know" well the truth is I dont know but I didnt,now I think back the signs were there but I ignored them or put them to other things like my stomach moving around was just a bad case of wind, my breasts leaking was breast cancer so i thought,the fact I was tired was that I was doing three Jobs and just moved into our own house! the two nets of oranges a day and not being able to stomach the smell of meat cooking I can not explain but I had no morning sickness either, people say I had the best pregnancy ever, breezed through it but I wouldnt recomend it, you feel like you have missed out on such a lot and your head does get a little messed up to say the least. I am just glad I was not alone through it and that I had John (the hubby ) to share th experience. well there you go If you have managed to read both parts and reached the end then feel free to give your thoughts and comments i would love to hear from kel

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
i was very lucky with my daughters birth. i got up at about four in the morning to go to the loo, went back to bed only it kept feeling like i was leaking. i had expected a huge gush when my waters broke so as it was only trickling out it took me a while to figure out what was happening. i phoned the hospital who then phoned the mid wife ( i was a booked home birth). she phoned me back and as i was in no pain told me to take a couple of paracetamol and go back to bed. of course i didnt cos we were to excited to sleep. i decided to go have a bath around six o clock still wasnt really feeling anything. by seven o clock i started to feel a few little twinges and they were coming around seven or eight mins apart. when it got to half seven everything seemed to speed up and be more painful. each contraction was closer together than the one before. i called the midwife to say i needed my gas and air. half past eight and i was back in the bath feeling like i needed the loo and still no midwife. i had to laugh cos the door bell rang my partner legged it down stairs and ended up shutting the door in the gas mans face ha ha. by the time the midwife got here (about 845) she examined me and i was fully dilated and ready to go. she just tried to hold me off til the second midwife arrived. nine thirty seven my little girl was born after just two hours seven mins of established labour. so much for the gas and air i think i had it for about twenty mins if that ha ha. all worth it though. it was a lovely birth went pretty much exactly how i planned and best of all i did it all at home i was worried i wouldnt cope with the pain and cave in and go tho the hospital. now i cant wait til the next one x Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Baby Baby Baby Baby

Well, I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions all week - well, at least I think it was that... but I have considered the possibility that it was a long and drawn out labour. I was due on the Saturday and, of course, the Saturday came and went without any drama. I went a long, hilly walk up the braes with the mad mutt, and had a ludicrously spicy curry that night. Despite much nipple tweaking (PMSL), she was not to up for arriving on time!
The next day we had about a gazillion guests, all eager to hug my belly as they had been looking forward to holding a nice, new squirmy bubba, and her bump was the next best thing. We went the usual long walk with the dog, and later I made a whopping big cake (as you do... I WAS BORED!!!) Then we just chilled, wondering if I'd be going for another two weeks.
At 01.30 that night (the Monday) my waters broke, but I had no idea that it was the labour starting. I thought it was a spin off from zero pelvic floor exercises and the UTI I'd been suffering from. It wasn't like on TV - there were no flash floods, just a kinda insignificant tena moment!!!! So, I told hubby to get to bed and sat a bit on my gym ball I'd bought. I was having severe cramps, but I'd been having them all week so didn't realise that they were minor labour contractions. At half two, there was no pissing about - I was in effing labour and would the whole effing world kindly waken up and let me slap them (hehehehee - I was a witch all of a sudden!). The cotractions were every half hour. We phoned the hospital and they did the 'take two paracetamol and maybe run a bath' thing...'call us back in two hours' Ok, so it's the script. We followed, but not for long. I forgot the pigging paracetamol and dipped my ass in the bath for about twenty seconds - it did really help (for about twenty seconds PMSL). We phoned them back at half three and the woman asked to speak to ME (was doubled over growling at the world). I spoke to her in a (ahem) very sharp manner (ahem ahem) and she told us to get there as soon as poss. The contractions had jumped from half hourly to every five mins. We somehow managed to get in the car (by which point they were every two mins...) and text the dog walker woman to pick up the mutt and get the bags, gawd knows how... I managed to leave the TV drama flood til I was in the passenger seat of hubby's car hehehehehehe whoopsie....
When we finally reached the hospital I could barely walk the few meters from the car to the doors, and kept stopping to crawl - yikes...
They actually seemed irritated that I was there. Had I arrived an hour later like they had suggested, the next shift would have had to 'deal' with me. As it was, they might have had to stay on beyond their shift... they didn't, and I had THREE different midwives come and go as the shifts changed grrr (that's aside from the various staff members who generally milled about..)
They checked me over and told me I was 5cm already - ouch and I knew it! The story from here on is fairly typical. I had to lie down, despite plans to make gravity help, and I had to lie down on my left hand side only! Weird, I know.. think it was something to do with her position. It's all a bit hazy from there with the gas and air dryin up my throat and my DH running back and forwards from the tap getting me cups and cups and cups of water. Every now and then, a man would turn up and 'check' my progress - holy sh*t getting the cervix checked was the most painful thing I have ever felt - next time I will insist on a female with slender hands (seriously, they were rough...).
They were monitoring the baby closely, and she seemed to be sleepy. They weren't worried at first, but then they got all paranoid and asked to take a blood sample from her scalp to check her oxygen levels. I knew in my heart she was fine and refused (despite morphine and gas&air!) point blank to let them try - she was happy!!! Why disturb her???
Anyhoo... we got stuck at 9cm for a couple of hours, and they wheeled me into the operating theatre for an emergency c-section, after all that!
I remember her being lifted from my tummy, and feeling the weight on my spine disappearing instantly - it was bliss! I also remember hearing her whimper slightly, and worrying if she was ok. She appeared, all wrapped up and shiny at my side, and I bawled my ass off Very happy So much for plans of vaginal birth and lifting her directly onto my abdomen and direct skin to skin! Pah! All my hippy plans whisked away in the blimmin operating room! We did have skin to skin, about fiften mins later, and she bumped her own way on for a feed (much bawling and bubbling ).
I'd do it again in a heartbeat - but then, I never had to squeeze a melon oot, did I?

Very happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Slice-all i can say is oh my God!

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hi. I first started to go into labour in the theatre whilst watching lion king for our first wedding anniversary - I was 31 weeks. I didn't know that was what the pains were, I thought it was cramp as the seats were tiny. Watched the whole show, done the hour tube journey home (ouch) and then went for pizza. Got home and thought let me call midwife to see what she recommends for the pain. Within the hour I was in the labour ward being told the baby is on it's way and they were giving me steroids. 2 hours later it all stopped suddenly. I hadn't dialated at all. A few days later, catching up with big brother on TV I had a really bad pain and noticed some bleeding, went back to hospital. When I asked for gas and air they said no your not in full labour. 2 seconds later my waters exploded (ouch) and they examined me - 10 cm dialated. 30 mins later my daughter was born weighing 3lbs. I didn't think it was to bad but I only had to push out a little one! x

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hi...My due date was the 26th march It was 10pm and i was watching telly...Jessica didn't show any signs of coming out today...My mam ask f i wanted to go for a walk before bed to see if we could get things moving.. i didn't want to for the fact the next day was my mums birthday and i didn't want Jessica coming on that day lol...eventually she persuaded me to go for a walk round the block with her...well she dragged me sooo fast i was practically running back at 10:45 very tired so went to 3am i started having pains and thought (oh god not today) anyway i rang my BF as he works nights and told him what was happening...i tried to get back 2 5am my BF come home from work and crawled into bed...he looked really tired (bless him) my pains where coming faster and stronger so at 6am i rang the hospital to tell them i thought i was in labour...a midwife told me to take pain killers and go back to bed... i screamed at her saying pain killers don't take my tooth ache away...i told my BF's mum and she said she was taking us mum...BF and his mum all piled in the car and set off...BF wanted to stop of at McDonald's for a breakfast meal..told him i would ram it down his throat if we stopped to the hospital..they examined me and i was 7cm dilated...give me gas and air which i loved so much i nearly fall of the birthing ball lol...they said the pool was free and would i like to get in in the pool pushed for 45 Min's and out popped Jessica Rose...

Jessica Rose Born 27th march 07
11:52 am weighing 7lb and 6oz

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
looong one sorry guys

Twin birth story…..MIGHT UPSET U!!!!

I found out I was preggers and at 5 an a half weeks I started spotting, went for a scan and they told me I was having twins. I was in shock at the time. But got used to the idea, looked forward to buying 2 of everythin. The pregnancy ran smoothly until I went for a scan at 28 weeks to be told that one of my girls was very small and that there was no amniotic fluid around her and there was also very little blood going thru the placenta.
I had to go to the hospital every Thursday to see if there was any progress, and each time baby 1 was getting smaller and the blood flow was now reverse, they said that they could deliver when I wanted to but decided the longer the babies were inside the better chance baby 2 had.
At 32 weeks I woke up at 4.10 in the morning on 7th June with a very uncomfortable pain in my back, my fiancé woke up and I told him. he said he wouldn’t bother to go to work, but I told him to as I didn’t think I was in labour,
I phoned the hospital at 9am and they told me to go straight in, so I phone john out of work he picked me up and took me straight there,
They checked my blood pressure and it turned out I had pre-eclampsia and I WAS in labour. By now I was 3cm dilated and scared for my babies I would need to go for an emergency c-section. They were preparing me for about 40 minutes (2 needles in my arms a drip and some thing that monitored my BP) by the time I got to theatre I was in agony. As they were about to put the spinal block in I had a massive contraction, they continued to do the spinal block, then they realized baby 1s head was almost out so they said I was to push them both (which was awful as I couldn’t feel anything) John came in the theatre expecting me to have a c section and I was pushing when he walked thru the door ( I think he was a little confused) I started to push and they said that baby 1 was out, then the doctor come up to us and told us that she never made it and died whilst she was on her way out, this upset us both loads but I knew I had to get baby 2 out. She was breech so that caused a few problems, I pushed her out and had a quick glimpse of her before they wisked her away to scbu. She was so tiny.
I needed stitches as I had to be cut
baby 1 was 1lb 9oz (Josie-Anne)
baby 2 was 3lb 8oz (ellie-mae)
it was awful as I was attached to machine for 24 hours after labour, so I didn’t get to see baby 2 until the following day
it really did feel like I had lost both babies at the time
ellie-mae had to stay in hospital for 3 weeks before we could bring her home.
We buried her sister on the 11 July 2005, after a lot of drama from the hospital. we were sortin out her funeral ourselves but the hospital presumed we wanted them to do it. so they got there own funeral directers, an they came and took my baby to there chapel. i remember walkin up to where she was to see her for the FIRST time an they were like hello samantha your baby has been taken to the coop funeral directors. believe me i went bazerk. it took them 2 days to bring her back to the hospital.. and THEN they asked me if i wanted a postmortam done an i went mental again sayin "do u not think u have messed her around enough. i was really upset because of the amount of time it took gettin her from coop and then going with painters funeral directors, my mom went to see her and actually advised me NOT to go because she had detiorated so much. i blame the hospital for me not baing able to say goodbye to my daughter It was very mixed emotions, not knowing weather to be upset of our loss or happy for our gain

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Demie-jaynes birth story

By the time i got to 36 weeks, i couldnt wait to go into labour, around 37weeks i went for my antenatal at the hospital and i asked them to give me a sweep. They asked me is there was any reason as they usually do it wen ur about 38-39 weeks. And i said that i was havin severe heartburn, couldnt sleep very well, and that i knew the baby was a great weight and i wouldnt be putting any risk on her. So they agrred to give it to me. Which i had a show straight away. That was on the Friday, and by the following Friday nothin happened, so me an john went to coleshill (i remember john askin if i want him to drive incase i went into labour, an i said no because i was goin out hopin i would go into labour and if we went prepared then nothin would happen.) it was for emma’s birthday. I never drank thru my pregnancy because it made me feel really sick. But that night i had 2 halfs of lager but nothin happen. We had a great night and wen we got home mark from work was stoppin at ours so i left john and mark playin the xbox and i went to bed. I woke up about 3.50am having pains so i just lay there for a little while. John was asleep on the settee so i went down to him and said i was havin pains. He was still a little drunk from the night before. So i left him to sleep for a little and sat on the sette for a while. Then i went back upstairs and sat on the bed at which point another contraction come so i just breathed thru it.
About 6am i went back down to john an and told him again and said i think i need to go to the hospital now. So he got up got ellie’s things ready.i phoned my mom and told her so dean come to pick ellie ujp to take her to johns moms. Me and john made our way to the hospital they examined me and i was 3cm dialated and was gonna send me home. But i explained to them that with the twins everythin happened really fast so they told me to walk around the grounds for about 2 hours. I phoned emma and said she has got her wish about me havin the baby on her birthday an she was really excited...and hung over. I said to joh that he could go home to get some sleep because i wanted him very alert for wen the time come to push so he went and come back bout 12.30. they moved me to a delivery suite but nothin was happenin the contractions were still comin more regular. Because nothin was happenin they moved me to a different side room. I remember havin a contraction and leanin over the bed breathin thru it and john started playin peeka boo with me. I kept sayin to the midwife that i wanted gas an air an they said i wasnt ready for it (i knew i was) and then i said a keep gettin the urge to push so she examine me and said i wasnt, she walked out and i got my mom to go an get her again literally seconds later. And they had to break my waters as the baby was comin now!!they never even had tim e to get me onto a delivery bed. I got in there and started pushing. I kept on sayin i cant do it it hurts. The midwife said that she could see the had and there was lots of hair so my thought was just push as hard as u can it will be over quicker, so i pushed once and screamed my head off and i remember john was laughin at me and then on the last push i made sure i had a good grasp on johns hand and pushed even harder then she was out. I was cryin a little but exhausted my mom was cryin. I knew john wouldnt cus my mom was there, his not the 1 to cry infront of people except me. John went home to fetch ellie from his moms just after he took some pics on his phone and sent to everyone. i had a shower after delivery and bled really heavy. I changed into some clean pjs. And was then taken to the ward when i got out of the wheel chair to get on the bed my mom told me that my trouser bottoms was covered in blood so i needed to change again. When i got back i was sittin on the bed talkin to my mom about the delivery and my trousers were covered again within 10 minutes. The midwife said that it was normal. I had no more clean pjs so i had t have a hospital nighty.. 1 of the ones that are open at the back. John come back up with ellie about 6.30 and she was really good with demie. She seemed so grown up, so much that i felt tears welling up but i never cried.
At 1st demie was feeding quite well. But on the 2nd day she was sick and it was a green colour when i mentioned it to the doctors they sed that they will take her down to the noenatal to do an xray because sometimes green sick could mean that there was a problem with her bowels. So they did the xray and kept her down there for a few days. Just too make sure she was takin her bottles well. I was allowed to stay in hospital for as long as demie was in there. While she was on the neonatal they said her breathin was funny which they said could be a floppy windpipe (called..well pronounced
trey-key-o-malacia) they said it usually heals itsel by the time she is about 1-1/2
she was born on the 4th november, weighin 6lb 9.1/2 ounces.
We took her home on the 9th november. An she settled into her new home well.

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
My birth story xxx I had only one scan and at 20 weeks and they wouldnt tell the sex of the baby.So straight away things didnt go to plan.

Friday was my due day and I was happy shopping any people asked me "when you due " and I replied "TODAY" I shocked a few people that day and one lady said and you alone shopping. Which made me then feel scared a little, but I felt heavy and sore pelvis's went to bed feeling right baby will come the next day. Had a curry with my family and had BH contractions. Sunday morning more BH contractions and went out for a walk and little shop with hubby. Then decided I must have a really good meal and went for a huge carvery meal and had to take deep breaths now and again (Then I though what happens if I want to poo when I'm in labour, then I worried that I eat a big meal !!).My heartburn was terrible thought out my pregnancy and kept getting worse. Sunday night, I took a long bath. Shaved and creamed myself in between contractions. Did my hair and make up, I didn't no what to do with myself. I stayed in there for hours as long as I could.Then I was a prune and couldnt take anymore.I was tired from not sleeping the last few nights. Everyone else was asleep and I felt lonely and the only one awake in the whole world.
Rang hospital and they told me to come in cause my contractions were 2 Min's apart. I will never forget the car journey OUTCH, over the humps in the road .I could hardly walk to the unit and I had to stop for a breather. I managed to walk and get the lift and went into a room and I wasn't dilated at all and I was in so much pain and they made me feel terrible . I couldn't believe it, my waters broke in the bath at home and they said I had to stay there. They had no room for me so I had to go to POST WARD downstairs with the toilet down the corridor. I was left and in so much pain .I buzzed a few times and they said its your first baby will be 10+ hours. They had not enough staff and I NEARLY GAVE BRITH IN THE TOILET.I said I really need someone to examine me and they said in 20 Min's someone will come down and see me. I said no now, she examined me and then she pushed the buzzer, pulled the bars on the bed, flung my heavy bag on the bed (it was like ER on the TV) she said baby's head there and baby's coming out. I was rushed down the corridor and in the lift and then 2 pushed and my baby daughter was born. I was in labour for less than 3 hours and its my first. I wanted a water birth and gas and air. I couldn't have water birth no midwifes available and I had no pain relief and wasn't offered any. Only when I had my stitches I had gas and air, lovely stuff. It did make me laugh when I had my stitches the midwife said "I have done fantastic stitches" and another person looked really closely at them and said "shes done a great job !!"
When my baby was born she was put on my skin for a few moments. Then checked and put in the crib, everyone went to deliver another baby and my hubby went to make calls. I was left in the room and the buzzer was out of my reach. My baby was crying for 40 Min's and I could reach her or do anything about it. No one heard me call and I couldn't get off the bed, I was so high up and I was in shock after a quick birth. Then hubby came back and calmed baby down and I was sitting in the muck for over 1 hour and half before I could go for a shower. When I was in the shower the alarms went off next to it and someone unlocked my shower door cause they thought it was me calling them. I wrapped myself in the shower curtain, glad it wasn't see through !! but after giving birth and stickers I didn't care. Then my baby was placed on my breast for milk and i was in shock, wished she went on my breast soon after birth but she didn't. On the post ward was OK .But no one told be about the blood clots form my privates and I had to ring the ward to ask if that was normal and mine weren't that big and was normal. Then that nigh my nipples were SO sore and bleeding and hurt so much and I brought the cream the recommended. Baby wanted feeding all the time and I felt wasn't getting enough. Then next morning she was limp and unresponsive was SO scared and she didn't want to wake up and feed. I rushed to A and E and they said she was exhausted from the birth and they took her clothes off and she aroused a bit and fed a little but my nipples were bleeding. She couldn't get enough from me and I had to give her formula milk .I want to breast feed but I simply couldn't and nothing I wanted to happen happened. I have written a complaint and They did apologised to me and we have exchanged many letter's . I do not want my experience happen to anyone else. They said to me. It was very unfortunate what happened and she will not let this happen again. She looked up what I said. She agreed that I was left alone all the time and had no blood pressure checks, baby wasn't checked and I wasn't offered any pain relief. I look at my photos when I had just given birth and I look terrible like I have been pulled through backward (so much for making myself look nice before I left for the hospital!! )

But now daughter is flourishing wonderfully.

My advice to anyone is you no you body and speak up for yourself. Have the right birthing partner. I wrote this to share my experience and someone to read it and think no I wont let that happen to me. Next time I will make my voice heard and if i'm not happy i'm telling them.

Take care all xxxx enjoyed reading your stories (so sorry to read your sad ones, I did shed a few tears xx I'm sorry if you have lost a child BIG HUGS TO YOU XX
take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Reaching the 9 month mark and a couple of days til due date we made a day of shopping, saw the family and went home. Sat and watched a dvd in bed and then settled down for the night (APRIL FOOLS DAY). At 11.45...WOOOSH so i turned to dave and said unless i just wet myself..i think my waters have just broken. Ive never seen him move so quick. i went and sat on the loo while my waters just settled down to a trickle. Dave done his hair (he couldnt have anyone seeing him with a bed head), packed the car up and was just hovering about with excitment. Meanwhile i had a fit of hysterical laughter and told him i need the toilet and im not going anywhere til ive done what ive got to do. My mum rang the hosp and they had a chat with me and told me to come on in. My contractions started and they were coming every 3 mins from the word go. 10 mins later aand we were on our way. Arriving at the hosp i was examined...3cm dilated, given a paracetamol and told i could go home if i wanted as it was going to be a while yet. Not on your nelly am i going home. The pool was in use so i opted for a bath. Oh my god my contractions were coming every 45 seconds now and after 45 mins swooshin about like a fish in water i wanted out. On the way back down to the room i needed to sit down..So a toilet had to do while dave rushed to get a midwife. The look on her face when i sid I NEED TO PUSH was terrific. Not on the toilet darling...lets get you onto a bed. Well my baby was coming and i couldnt walk. They had no wheelchairs and the urge of needing to sit down came over me again. This time, the computer chair at the nurses desk had to do so i shifted her out the way. The nurses finally took me seriously that i was ready to push and 1 under each arm got me on the bed. Within 10 minutes my gorgeous daughter had made her appearance. I had time for a few sucks of gas and air. Wow what an amazing experience. That night we went home. My aftercare on the ward was atrocious and i was really unhappy spending the day on the ward with such arrogant staff.

2 weeks later, i was feeding keeley on the bed at night time and woosh, Omg, have my waters just broken again? i dashed off to the toilet to be confronted with a hell of a lot of blood. I was haemmoriging. A couple of hours later i was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, in theatre having a d and c and needed a blood transfusion....all because theyd left some of my placenta in.

So for my amazingly quick and simple birth...i sure got bitten in the ass afterwards.

xxx sarah xxx

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I was due on Sept 5th and when he wasn't here on Monday 8th I was booked in for the 15th (also had a membrane sweep). however on Thursday 11th I had to phone community midwives as I had no movements- very unusual, they did a trace and couldnt decide if I had a high base line or if baby was distressed so I was sent to the consultant lead unit in Elgin. In arrival I was ut on a trace and had a scan and they decided baby was below the 50th centile so they would keep me in for monitoring and induce me on the Friday night (was told it would probably take days before I started) I was given gel at 7pm Friday 12th Sept and when my mum left at 9pm I told MW I was having pains (after pains they said) by 10.30 I was in tears and being sick, Their answer was to give me morphine so I would sleep (short staffed),Sat morning, 13th Sept they checked me about 10.30 and I was 2cm and they would rupture my waters, MW couldn't do it as they were tight so went for assistance at about 10.35 another MW came and I was 5-6cm, went to delivery, kept having morphine shots as I could handle the pain and was so sick all afternoon, spent alot of time hallucinating and sleeping. I told MW I had to push and she agreed I was ready and 2 pushes later Joseph came flying out, at 6,25pm weighting 6lb 11oz.

I had trouble delivery my placenta so had to be taken to theatre to have it manually removed. Joseph was very cold from being so little he spent his first night in SCBU to be warmed up.

He is now a thriving 3 and a half year old, would go back tomorrow if I had a man!!!! and I wouldnt let MW insist I had morphine next time to help me sleep

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hiya guys and gals i can finally put mine on.

I went for my normal ante-natal on friday 24th Nov. It was really hot in the doctors and had to wait an hour so got really stressed. My due date was sat 25th Nov. When i finally got in to see the mid-wife it was the one that always gets me stressed. She took my BP which was 180/160 so very high. She got me lay down while she poked and proded me then took it again, it had gone down but by not that much. So she sent me straight up to East Surrey Hospital. They done urine samples, blood tests, more BP readings monitoring charlys heart beat. Then ended up asking me to stay in over night and told me i could go home tomorrow. i had to do a 24hr urine collection so they could monitor the protein. But when it came to when they was thinking of sending me home my BP had gone up again and had more protein in my urine so they decided they was going to induce me.
I was induced on sat at half 6, after more blood tests and urine samples.
At 2.15am Sunday morning someone in the next bed came in almost ready to deliver. By 2.30am Sunday my contractions started very very mild every 5-10mins. I didn't think anything of it thought i was dreaming to be honest. so went back to sleep. 8.30am Sunday morning the mid-wife came round and took some more blood and put me on the heart monitors. she left me for an hour on it. the whole time i was on it i was having contractions every 3-5mins mild. when she came back to me she asked if i could feel them. she decided i needed to be examined when she did she found i was 3cm dilated so it was time to break my waters. the first midwife tried but couldn't so i had to have the head come and do it. my waters were broke at half 10am sunday. the funny thing was they said after they break my waters i could go for a walk for a couple of hours to bring on contractions. but as soon as mine were broke i was in full labour every 1min and had them reaching over 180 on the chart. i went the whole labour without any pain relief. but it got to 5pm and they were reaching way over 180 and every 30seconds. so i wasn't able to get a break. gas and air wasn't working so i was given the smallest amount possible of pethidin to take the edge off the big contractions. she was then born at 5.25pm, just 25mins after the pain relief was given to me. if i had know she was going to come that soon after i wouldn't have had it. as much as it hurt i found it more rewarding without pain relief it made me want her even more and made me bond with her that little bit more. so i will deffo try it again without pain relief. its well worth it girls. lol
when charly was born she had the cord wrapped round her neck, round her body and looped over her head. she was born not breathing i had to be layed flat because of how the cord was wrapped round her she was getting stuck. it took 5mins to bring her round, she needed oxygen but that was it. so in her records she was born at 5.30pm because that was when she took her first breathe. we know why the cord was so wrapped round. i had the radio on in the delivery suite and charlys fave song is shakira - hips don't lie, she used to dance to it while i was carrying her. she was turning as she came out. but all is great with her now. shes perfect i couldn't have asked for such a beautiful little girl.
sorry its so long guys and im very sorry if it doesn't make sense charlys screaming. hope you enjoyed reading it. and look forward to reading more of yours. xxxx Very happy

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Had wanted a water birth at local midwife run centre, but things change don't they.
Was overdue by 1 week so visited DR, she took 1 look at my urine sample & BP & immediately rang the Maternity Hospital. They called me in for an assessment the next day. Next day Friday (7th April) woke up with terrible "runny poohs". it was just water & was happening every 2/3 mins. I had to drive 35 miles to hospital, so just had to hold it in!. BP was monitored for an hour & they decided to keep me in for induction. Was taken to Labour ward. I was still having the "runs" & i mentioned it to midwife. she immediately moved me to a isolation room at end to the corrider & told me not to leave the room at all as i could be infectious. I was not induced. Me & baby were monitored every hour or so & i stayed overnight. Saturday, i was no better & BP still high, blood tests, urine samples & pooh samples taken. Was put on a drip as had not eaten/drunk anything & was dehydrated. Could not leave my room, & everyone who came in had to wear gloves/apron etc. Was finally given induction on Saturday night(very painful) & started getting cramps etc. Sunday AM, still just cramps but no sign of labour. another exam, lead midwife to think baby was breach, so another scan done - all ok. Another pessary (induction) attempted & told to take a long walk (in the car park). At lunch time (12.00), i was examined & had dilated a tiny amount (just enough to break waters). Waters broken in my room (Gas & Air provided thank god!). As hubby wasn't around (it was out of visiting hours) auxillary nurse helped me put on my Tens machine. Was left in my room with contractions etc used birthing ball & tens but it was getting painful hubby rubbing back etc. At 11.00pm midwife finally came to take me to delivery room. I was only 3cms dilated. Used more gas/air & birthing ball, but not really working anymore, midwife offered pethidin, which i reluctantly took, but she said too early for epidural, so i took it. As BP still high,& contractions slow was given syntocin drip & once i was put on the bed - all hell broke loose, pain was too bad & pethidin not helping 1 bit. I asked for epidural, but she said guy was busy, i would have to wait. Finally got 1 at 3.30am (Monday 10th). It was bliss, no pain whatsoever i could relax. Babies heart rate was increasing & midwife getting worried, so blood sample from babies head taken. sample was too small for good reading, so was done again. As results not good, monitor was fixed to babies head. At 12.00pm i was finally 10 cms dilated, so could start pushing. Epidural was wearing off. Midwife said she would give me 2 hrs, if i could not deliver on my own, i may need C section. At 2.30pm, was almost there (head showing), but Dr not happy for me to continue pushing, so they decided Ventouse could be used. Baby arrived 2.38pm. Healthy. I was cleaned up + bed bath etc & wheeled to my room. hubby had to leave at 7.00pm & i tried to get sleep, midwife came during the night to check if i had fed baby & i hadn't! it just hadn't crossed my mind at all, baby was alseep the whole time, so i hadn't bothered. i really regret this to this day, but i was just so tired & knackered i just wanted sleep. anyway next day (Tuesday) i was on top of feeding & feeling much better, baby was a little cold, so needed a hot cot & i warmed him against me. blood tests & bp was monitored still & not that good, so i had to stay in. Next day family visited etc, i was not allowed to go home. Thursday i was desparate to go home as had run out of clothes & baby things. Was finally let home in the afternoon. It was a wonderful experience & all the midwives & staff were wonderful & very caring & attentive. I was very happy with the birth overall, even though it was not how i had imagined. but you can't always get what you want.X

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Natalie's birth day Very happy
I was due on 26th august, i was so excited about it. I then went 8 days over, my contractions started at 5.15am on 03rd september. They were bearable, thank goodness. I phoned the hospital and they told me to stay at home until my waters broke or until I couldnt handle the pain. So I stayed at home all day, my contractions started coming thick and fast at about 6.30pm so phoned the hospital again and they told me to come in. I went to hospital and was given an internal. The midwife told me I was 7cm dilated so I was moved straight up to delivery suite. I didnt want any pain relief but at about 8pm I decided to try the gas and air. Bad decision, it made me vomit so I opted for the epidural. I got the epidural at 9pm and thought why the hell didnt I take this to begin with. I relaxed on the bed, baby was doing fine. Then at 2am I was fully dilated and started to push. I was pushing for about half an hour and nothing was happening. Then all of a sudden the epidural began to wear off and I felt everything. Baby had got stuck in birth canal so I was rushed to theatre. They told me they were going to have to put me to sleep as baby's heartbeat was dipping dangerously and they needed to get her out.They yhen decided they were going to try and get her out with forceps. I was given a spinal block but was still in awful pain. They topped the spinal block up and I eventually was numb again. The doctor managed to get her out with forceps, thank god and she was fine. She had a lot of bruising around her head but she was fine. She weighed 6lbs12oz. Then my placenta got stuck so I had to have it manually removed, which was ucomfortable. I had tore badly so they stitched me up while OH held baby. I was just so relieved that it was over and that Natalie was healthy. My aftercare was excellent. i was very sore and unable to move so the midwifes fed, bathed and generally looked after baby while I rested. I had lost a lot of blood so had to have a blood transfusion so you can imagine how weak I felt. i was very emotional too, because I couldnt look after my baby. We both got home a week later and things have been brilliant ever since. I would definately go through it all again, it was an amazing experience Kiss

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Baby number one:-
I had been having mild contractions during the afternoon but was not in established labour. I had done Yoga for Pregnancy so I did some of this to keep busy and had a bath and washed my hair. When Steve got home from work I told him I was in very early labour but told him to go and play snooker and I cooked dinner. It wasn't until late evening when I started to actually feel in pain and I could not sit still I didn't know what to do with myself. As I stood up my hind waters came out and Steve said "We're going to hospital". We arrived at 11.10pm and I was 4cm dilated which I was pleased at as I thought they'd say "you're not established yet". They gave me Gas and Air and time seemed to go quickly then in a haze of pain and tiredness then from 4cm I went to 10 cm in an hour and a quarter-quite good for a first baby. But it took me an hour and 14 minutes to push her out and she was born at 1.59 am weighing 6lb 15oz 3 days over due. I had a small tear but was otherwise fine.

Baby number 2:-
Also born 3 days over due! I went to the loo after EastEnders finished at 8pm and had 'a show' so I just knew he'd be born the next day. I went to bed with mild contractions and was up about every half an hour in the night going to the loo. At 5am I woke Steve and said "We'll probably have to go in an hour or two" then 20 minutes later I was like "Come on it really hurts now". We had to drop Summer off at my nan's then Steve had forgotten his inhaler so we went back home again. By the time we got to hospital at 6.30 I was 7cm dilated and although they gave me the Gas and Air mouth piece I didn't use it. I just felt like I was so close and coping with so much pain anyway I just wanted to do it so I panted through the pain. My waters still hadn't gone but I could tell the baby really wanted to get out and as soon as my waters exploded down the bed and all over my feet (and I said "Can you take my socks off please") then I was ready to push. But I suddenly remembered the pain from the first time of when the baby actually comes out and I wasn't really pushing properly as I was scared. While they monitored the baby we could hear him having hick-ups and he was born with them. I finally thought "Oh let's just do it then the pain will stop" and gave a massive push. He exploded out of me at 8.18am weighing 8lb and I had to have 3 layers of stitches virtually to my bum Sad Face but I w Baby as proud I'd had no drugs and went home a few hours later to introduce Denis to his big sister Summer

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omg u lot have writen so much,
theres not alot to say about mine but here i go lol
i had my show at 12pm,another at 6pm.
about 7pm i stared havin back pains,althrough til 11pm it was like period pains and the weird thing my mum keep tellin me to time the pains but i couldnt because it wouldnt stop it was just like period pains was just there lol well my mum rang hospital even tho she couldnt tell them much and said she was takin me in,i started bein sick in the car but i get travel sickness so dindt know if it was to do with it.when i got there they said i was 3cm dilated and said i could stay or go home but they wont see me again til 4am so the hospial i went to ifs far from mine so i stayed,i just layed on the bed doin my breathing til 1am after i asked for gas and air the the pains started to get strong,lol it was so funny it felt like i was asleep for most of it.about 3:30 i was on the toliet thinkin i need a poo lol soz but the midwife came in as i was there a long time pushin told me to stand and thats when my waters broke so they took me in the next room said im fully dilated and asked if i still wanted a water birth i said yes so they started the water,1 min later they said the baby was comin and asked if i still wanted the water birth but said no as i couldnt move,i pushed and out came the head then waited and body,i wanted to dress my baby for the first time but while i was havin my shower the midwife did it so i was upset about that,they didnt tell me this but when i got home i saw on the forms that they had to do three rescue breaths,how scary is that when ya think about it.anyways thanks for readin and so to all u lovely women that had a hard time with there births but i cant wait to do it again its so amazin.
omg look at me i thought i werent gonna write much,i guess it doesnt seem much when i think about it lol
xxx Very happy
kieran was born 12 feb 06 3:51am 7lb 12oz

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Mia Ruby's birthday,

right here it goes, it was Thursday 21st july and i was 4 days away from my due date getting very fed up of being so big. someone had suggested i tried fresh pineapple but i had already done so and nothing happened! so i decided to try drinking fresh pineapple juice. i bought 2 cartons of it and drank 1 on thursday night. friday morning i got up and was having slight tightenings every 20 mins so i decided to drink the other carton of juice, still the contractions were only 20 mins apart when i went to bed. the next morning which as a saturday my partner dave went to work at 5, i got up at about 9 and my contractions started comingevery 5 mins. i rung my mum who came and picked me up to go to her house for a few hours. i ended up walking round morrisons with her while she did her shopping (STILL HAVING CONTRACTIONS EVERY 5 MINS)dave finished work and come round to my mums house but this time it was 4 o'clock and the pains was coming every 2-3 mins so we decided to go into the home! i was examined at 5:30 and was 3 centimetres dilated so we went for a walk round the hospital, i was examined again at 8:30 ant was 6-7 centimetres but the midwife had popped some of my waters so i was in more pain.
at 9:30 i was given pethidine but by 11:00pm i needed more pain releif so had gas and air. everything seemed to happen so fast from then. i started pushing at 1:00am but by 1:45am they said mia was getting distressed and her heart rate was going down so they decided to give me an episeotomy(not sure if spelt right) and forceps to pull the baby out!
at 2:31am on sunday 24th july 2005 Mia Ruby was born weighing 9lb 4.5 oz.
i was so proud of her i wasnt bothered that i had to have stitches and i went home at 2:00pm the same day!

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